Are You Stuck In a Box?

stuck-in-a-boxDo you feel stuck in a box, separated from a life that is full? Kerryn shares.

“He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me” (Psalm 18:19).

Do you feel stuck in a box?

Illnesses, finances, circumstances or relationships can all cause this. There are confinements by constraints of all kinds.

Currently I’m stuck in my bedroom due to illnesses. It’s easy to feel like that’s all there is to life and become really down. I’ve definitely had my fair share of that and the pity parties!

Yet somehow through this experience I’ve felt more free, spiritually, than I have in a long time! Maybe it’s because I can’t watch TV in my bedroom because of no TV antenna. This has caused me to watch DVDs instead. Watching “The Bible” series has encouraged my faith enormously and has “brought me out into a spacious place,” in my faith and my mind. Seeing God lead His people through history gives me joyous hope.

Sometimes we just need one bit of hope that fills us with delight and helps us see way beyond our circumstances.

This has reminded me of how amazing prayer is. Most of the people I pray for don’t live in my city, state or even country! Have you thought how incredible that is? When we pray, our prayers are going to our Heavenly Father and then He’s carrying answers over the seas in the blink of an eye!

How freeing that is.

Then there’s the internet and phones. We can chat to friends enormous distances away with the push of a few buttons–our access to the world.

Maybe it helps to remember the many people who have done great things despite their illness. Laura Hillenbrand’s book Unbroken has just been released as a movie. She wrote this best-selling book from her bed, despite awful illnesses and exhaustion.

All of this is encouraging me to think beyond my bed.

Let God take you out of your box into a spacious place!

Prayer: Take me out of my box, Lord! Rescue me and take me to a spacious place in my faith, my heart, and my mind. Help me to see what You’d like me to do–even from the confines of my bed. Thanks for delighting in me. Amen.

About the Author:
Kerryn Wright lives with her family amongst the gum trees in South Australia. She was a special education teacher prior to chronic illnesses. Her husband is carer for three of their family, who have chronic illnesses and disabilities. God has always guided them through life’s challenges, often in surprising ways.

What spacious place is God taking you to? Is there something that you can do from the confines of your bed, house, illnesses? Prayer and the internet are amazing gifts to us. How is God encouraging you to use them for His glory?

This is Jeremy Camp singing “Even When.” The lyrics share how sometimes we write ourselves off. We give up and accept that we won’t be anything special. We let go of our hopes. And yet God still has a plan and a purpose for us. And just because we have given up hoping doesn’t mean He has put His plans aside for us. He will keep coming back, encouraging us and hoping we will still accept and pursue the gifts He has given us. Need I say more? May it encourage you today. -Lisa