The Healing Powers of The Living Water

imageAre you seeking temporary healing comforts or the true living waters? Kay explains.

“‘For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘He will lead them to springs of living water.’ ‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes’” (Revelation 7:17).

I joke and tell people that if I could just live under water, I would be totally fine! I guess I would have that breathing issue arise though. . . details, details!

Seriously though, for those of us with fibromyalgia, our pain threshold can be very low. Yet, when you live with pain on a daily basis, it becomes your norm.

For me, when I step into a pool of warm water for some water therapy, I am reminded that I am indeed in some degree of pain every minute of every day.

Just like stepping out of the pool of warm water reminds me of the need to continue to seek that form of therapy, it reminds me that I must continue to seek Him and the Living Water He offers continually; every minute of every day.

Seeking Him allows us to be able to glorify Him; even when it hurts. Even if we are not physically healed.

God has reminded me in recent years of an evangelist, named Dave Busby that spoke to a church we attended years ago who had the chance to be healed of his cystic fibrosis, among other chronic illnesses. . . but he turned it down.

He spoke of one of his many hospital stays and how he pleaded at that time with God to heal him. God answered and told him that He could heal him, but that Dave gave Him more glory by staying ill. So, Dave chose not to be healed.

Dave shared that from that time on, he was “healed of the need to be healed.” Dave went to be with his Lord in his mid-forties and God did heal him completely at that time and I am sure he continues to glorify Him to this day.

Prayer: Father, help us to become “healed of the need to be healed,” knowing that if You choose not to heal us here on earth, as one of Your children, we will all be healed when we see You face to face; it’s just a matter of Your perfect timing! Help us to glorify Your great name, even on our toughest days through the Living Water of Your Son and it is In His name we pray, Amen.

About the author:

Kay Davis lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Ron. They have three awesome daughters and sons-in-law who have blessed them beyond measure with their eight precious grandchildren.. For more of Kay’s writings you may visit her blog that is titled Songbird. She finds solace in writing and prays that God uses it to draw others to Himself.

Would you like to share an example of how the Living Water of our Savior has allowed you to bring Him glory in the midst of your illness?

This is the new top hit–on both the country and Christian charts– “There Must Be Something in the Water” with Carrie Underwood. She has recently been under attack by some fans for singing so much about her faith in Jesus and she has stood firm. As the lyrics say, there is definitely something in the water! Having Jesus as our Living Water can help us hang on when life seems to dry up from the stresses of living with chronic pain while still trying to juggle the other challenges life gives us. Hang in there. He loves you–unconditionally. -Lisa

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