God Gives Strength For That Which He Desires For Us

strengthDoes God give strength for what we value the most? Pamela shares.

“God is our refuge and strength. An ever-present help in time of trouble” (Psalms 46:1).

For days I had decided I would back out on a day trip to Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. I had been experiencing dizziness and hot and cold flashes. Our son and his family had come to California from Virginia for Christmas.

Though most of their time would be spent with her side of the family there were two planned days for my husband and I to embrace our two grandchildren and their parents.

Then I found out that only this outing would include the grandkids. I knew I had to go in spite of how I was feeling, but because I thought I’d be home I had not made arrangements for my little dog.

I picked up the phone and within minutes she was signed up for Doggie Day Care at the same place she gets groomed. I was amazed. December 23 and she got right in.

I began to sense God’s nearness.

Morning came. Breakfast, a walk in the park, and a short trip, and Abby was settled for the day. It was a beautiful day for the one-hour drive ahead and though my body was complaining, my mind was at peace.

Arriving in Berkeley before our son and his family, my husband and I scouted downtown on foot looking for a place we could all have lunch and settled on a pizza place. Our beautiful family arrived and we all filed in to fill up a table just ahead of another huge group of people.

Who’s timing was this?

As we waited for our pizza I looked around at the decor and on one wall there was a chalk board. On it was written: “God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in times of trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

Another reminder of His watchful care?

After lunch we headed up to the Hall of Science. I had hot flashes and pain, yet I had peace and I had fun. I savored the time with my precious family and when we headed for home I felt good that I had not backed out.

After a long day I was content to soak in a nice hot bath of Epsom salt with lavender. I loved the fragrance. But it was what God showed my while I was quiet that wrapped up the day with joy.

When in God’s Word we read that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength it doesn’t mean we can do everything. It means that those things that God knows are important He will give us the strength to accomplish because He is our strength and He is always with us.

Prayer: Dear God. Thank You for those times. Please help me to remember that it is Your strength I walk in each day. Please help me to know that You don’t ask me to do everything that comes my way. But when those things come that are truly important, please help me to remember that You will be my refuge, my strength, and a very present help in time of need. Amen.

About the author:
Pamela Doheny lives in Northern CA with her husband of 42 years and sweet Maltipoo Abby. Chronic pain and depression drive her daily to the feet of Jesus to gain strength for each day.

Can you remember a time when God strengthened you to do something or go somewhere when you were weary, yet found the strength to accomplish it?

This is “I’m Alive” with Peter Furler. When we wake up in pain, drop a cup full of coffee, our family is less than appreciate of what we’ve done for them that morning–everything can seem to fall apart. Like Pamela, we must look around, however, and try to see God’s hand in it. It doesn’t always work out quite as beautifully as the day she explained. Sometimes we feel surrounded by messes–but God is still there. And despite it all, like this song, we can sing, “I’m alive!” -Lisa


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