We Have a God Who Gives Comfort and Understanding

comfort-and-understandingGod understands pain unlike anything we can fathom so He is close to us, offering comfort and understanding. June asks if you are accepting this?

“. . . a man may be chastened on a bed of pain with constant distress in their bones. . . ” (Job 33:19).

It was the day of the Santa Claus parade in Toronto. I put my four-year-old son on my shoulders so that he could see over the crowd. My husband hoisted our daughter onto his broader shoulders and everyone was happy.

A few weeks later the pain in my neck area became so severe I had X-rays. Diagnosis: osteoarthritis. For almost 40 years I have lived with intermittent periods of pain and discomfort. Sometimes I use a cane; other times I have cortisone shots, so bad is the pain in my hands, back and legs also. I respond to those who ask, “Oh, I have arthritis here, there and everywhere!”

Osteoarthritis can be hereditary as in my case and there is no cure. It can be controlled by pain killers, topical analgesics, cortisone and other shots, and anti-inflammatory medication. It’s difficult not to get discouraged with persistent pain or to give up moving around when your joints don’t want to go anywhere.

Like Job experienced, when we have nothing left but God, God is enough.

Sometimes I take a pain pill, put on a heating pad and lie down for a short time. I try to relax and let my thoughts turn to God. The Son of God knew the depth of pain and suffering and he took on that burden for our sake.

There is no way around the cross; just as sometimes there is no way around pain. you have to go through the suffering to end up on the other side of the sunset. Thanks to a loving God, we have One who not only understands us, but who can comfort us in our distress.

Prayer: Lord, You have known the depths to which pain can take an individual. You willingly suffered for us that we might be freed from sin. May we feel Your presence with us in our distress and discomfort. Amen.

About the Author:
L. June Stevenson is a retired editor but still a very active freelance writer. She has written hundreds of devotionals and been published internationally. June has a son and daughter who between them have given her five grandchildren and a lot of material for writing. Her greatest hope is to give comfort and hope to those who suffer various ailments.

How can you comfort those who suffer with ongoing pain?

This is Hillsong singing, “Cry of the Broken.” I hope it offers some hope for today–especially if it is the kind of day when you are feeling like you have nothing left to hope for. Hugs. -Lisa