The Maker of the Wind Loves You

windCan something as simple as the wind remind us God sees are our pain and reaches out? Bridget shares.

“The Lord wraps Himself in light as with a garment; He stretches out the heavens like a tent and lays the beams of His upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds His chariot and rides on the wings of the wind. He makes winds His messengers, flames of fire His servants” (Psalm 104:2-4).

It was as if time itself stopped. Hundreds of leaves swirled and enveloped my car as I drove through an invisible wall of fall color. I could see each leaf as it floated around and over my windshield. Again I was amazed at the lovely artwork God had created.

At that very moment life stopped.

I wasn’t worried about my health or finances. I wasn’t thinking about my hectic work day. All I thought about was God’s glorious creation. It brought tears to my eyes.

As I continued driving, I looked in my rear view mirror to catch another glimpse, but the cascade of falling leaves was gone, directed by unseen hands.

This magical moment only lasted a few seconds, but it truly felt like an eternity to me. I will never forget this experience. It was as if God was gently reminding me that He is right here, even when I may not “feel” His presence. God is always at work, just as this amazing display of falling leaves showed me. God isn’t always speaking to us in loud, obvious ways. He sometimes uses the mild wind to guide and direct us.

I was so encouraged that day–and even now–as I reflect on that incident. My thoughts lately seem to be, Where are You, God? Why aren’t You helping me? Why aren’t you working in this situation?

And on that day God showed me He’s been right where He always is–right by my side. We have a loving God who created the world. We have a gracious Father who provides for our every need. We have a gentle Friend who guides the wind. . . God can certainly handle any problem or struggle we have.

I don’t know about you, but creation itself is such a good reminder of who God is (and who I’m not). I hope as you look at the beauty of our world, that you do see God’s hand in it, just as God’s hand is on your life. I hope that encourages you to trust Him with your needs, whatever they may be.

Prayer: Oh God, Your works truly are wonderful and amazing. Help me to see Your hand at work in and around my life. Help me to stop and see Your amazing creation for what it is–a miracle! Amen.

About the Author
Bridget Gazlay resides in beautiful West Michigan. She struggles with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, IBS, kidney stones, gastroparesis, and migraines. She works full time, but writes and designs fabric art on the side. Bridget’s prayer is that anyone who comes across her writing or artwork would see she allows, “God’s creation to be my inspiration.” Find out more about Bridget at,

What aspect of creation encourages you?

So often when God speaks to us He uses something that will catch our attention that no one else would even notice–or see the significance in. This is Dan Bremnes singing “Beautiful”. It has lovely lyrics about how God can change us from who we used to be, because He opens our eyes to things we wouldn’t have noticed in the past.

Even if you feel like God still hasn’t gotten to the “beautiful” part of your life yet, sing along with Dan’s words about surrendering it to God and trusting Him with the result. Bless you, -Lisa

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