Expiration Dates on Old Wineskins

wineskinsCan we expect God to renew us if we keep holding on to our old ways? Lynn explains the significance of “wineskins” in our life.

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, new wine must be poured into new wineskins” (Luke 5:37-38).

In context, Jesus is teaching about turning from the old ways; patching up an old garment that was past its time of use. He often used “wine” to get messages across: from changing water to wine at the Cana wedding feast, to offering it at the Last Supper in a cup–symbolizing the shedding of His blood for us.

Perhaps there are areas of our afflictions that have been fermenting long enough. Would a new wineskin, along with new eyes to focus on what is purposely filling this spanking new gift, be of help?

Yes, chronic illness will be part of the contents. But what is the “new” that is worth pouring in?

Has God helped me to trust Him in new ways? I’ll pour that in.

Do I slip back into continual focus on my ills? I’ll throw that out so it won’t get poured in.

Instead, I’ll pour in the gratefulness of a new day to seek and find ways to trust God. I’ll pour in faith that God can accomplish amazing things with His new wine.

What I see as bland can be transformed if I keep my wineskins fresh, fermenting with God’s faithfulness as He “makes all things new”.

Changes within will not come when I try to patch up old ways or when old wineskins hold attitudes of anger or fears that are long past their expiration date.

Each new day may hold similar thoughts or feelings but I cannot combat them with the old. I need wine that has been transformed from the water of yesterday gone brackish and even deadly. I surrender that old thing.

I am grabbing onto God’s “new every morning”, knowing that it is enough provision to make one more day alive with His possibilities.

Prayer: Lord, will You and I rejoice with the wine that has aged well? Is it ready to share? I pray so, for that is a celebration I want to attend and invite others to join in for a sip of the new wine we have made. Amen.

About the Author:
Lynn Severance is a retired elementary classroom teacher. Since 1983, she has lived with vestibular dysfunction: constant dizziness, sessions of vertigo and related side effects of nausea, balance problems, neck and back pain, visual tracking and eye fatigue. She is a breast cancer survivor having gone through surgery and chemotherapy treatments in 1987-88. She lives in Lynnwood, Washington. Do visit her blog at http://lynn-severance.blogspot.com

What is a quality you feel is overdue for surrender? What is the “new” that will fill up the wineskin God is giving to you now?

This is a beautiful song called “Spirit Song” with the Maranatha Singers. Lynn says, “With the help of the Holy Spirit and our surrender, He will pour what is needed into our new wineskins.” We hope it blesses you. -Lisa

I found this explanation of wineskins online and Lynn and I thought you may like it. Perhaps our new wineskins allow us to grow in Christ and “expand” while if we were living in old wineskins we would just eventually burst and explode from all the stress. -Lisa


4 thoughts on “Expiration Dates on Old Wineskins

  1. What a great analogy, Lynn!! For me, I think it is an attitude that needs to be thrown out. I have a hard time with the fine line between enjoying memories of “before” and making myself miserable missing “before”. I need to examine those thoughts and be sure I am going in with the right attitude and not the old attitude. Thank you for helping me think through this today! Love you! Heart Hugs, Shelly ❤

    • Shelly – always good to read words from you. Thank you for posting some here!
      I know what you mean about letting the good memories we have from days when our lives were easier sneak in and rev up feelings. I prefer the times when they remind me how God provided that joy so I could look back upon it with gratefulness. Then again, there are the times I miss being able to _____ ( fill in the blank ) and begin to sink some. I want to see the “goodness” of now for amidst what is challenging his faithfulness is never changing. It is my view that needs to come anew. Hugs back! Lynn ❤

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