Are You Tired of Searching for Fulfillment?

fulfillmentAre you searching for fulfillment in a new medication, a happy family event, a good score on a lab test? Diane reminds us where real fulfillment is.

“Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground, trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food” (Genesis 1:8-9).

Have you ever been to an apple orchard? Recently I had the wonderful experience of doing just that. I anticipated it with such great excitement, after hearing about my friend’s previous experiences.

When we first arrived there were large crowds of people, making their way towards the orchard. We were given a map, directing us to where each type of tree was located and what those particular apples were best used for.

We made our way down the first hill passing by golden delicious apple trees, then coming to the Fuji apples–we decided to pick those first. They were semi-easy to pick, and good for many types of things. Soon we were onto the Gala’s. These are considered the “best” apples.

After much walking up and down hills and isles of trees, we didn’t find even one. So my friend and I went back to the Fuji, deciding they would do just fine, as neither of us had energy to look for another type.

As we walked back, hearing others looking for Galas, we told them there were none to be had, but some still went on, in hopes of finding some. When the day was done, I reflected how much we as human beings search for that perfect ______.

Be it a type of apple, a diagnosis, fulfillment within our hearts–often coming back with an empty basket.

God promises life beyond this, one that will spent with Him through all eternity, (John 3:16). Until then, I pray your hope and mine be renewed as we look to His word for His promises to us all. Refuge in Him (Psalm 9:9), hope for the afflicted (Psalm 9:18), fulfillment in God’s love. (Ephesians 3:19).

Prayer: Father, I pray that each of us would choose to turn to You, allowing Your grace and mercy to make us complete. We take joy in knowing and believing that when we pray, You listen. We thank You for your gift of salvation and look to You to be our everything; making us complete. Amen.

About the author:
Diane Kalata, lives in Central Florida, she is blessed to have three grown children, and a wonderful husband, who is also her caregiver in illness. She is a cancer survivor; continuing to deal with chronic pancreatic and digestive issues as well as neuropathic pain, and fatigue. She loves art and writing. Her desire is to continually be an encouragement to others; looking daily for those “God opportunities” to share His love and truth with others.

When you search for fulfillment and yet still feel empty, do you recognize you need Jesus sooner… or later?

When life feels like it is falling apart all around us, it is instinctive to keep searching for the answer. This is Royal Tailor singing “Hold Me Together.” Hoping it blesses you as it did me. It has been a tough week. -Lisa