Has Your Illness Left You Isolated And Alone?

isolatedCan God fulfill our desire to feel connected and not isolated, when other stray? Karlton shares.

“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him'” (Genesis 2:18).

It is not good for any of us to be alone. It is said that when prisoners are left in isolation for too long that strange things start happening to their minds. Isolation is considered one of the worst forms of punishment.

Many of those with chronic and long term illness have had to deal with isolation and loneliness. We are sometimes abandoned by loved ones who cannot deal with our challenges. At times it is simply the fact that no one wants to be reminded that they too are mortal and their health will one day fail that drives them away. It takes a special kind of love and compassion to help those who are ill.

I am blessed that I have support and comfort from loved ones. Yet I know not everyone has such a support system. It can be devastating to live with chronic health issues, but even more so when the afflicted person must do so alone.

While we are ultimately never alone because our Lord is always with us, God knows we need others to stand beside us, to lift us up when we fall, and to care for and comfort us when we are down. It is not good for anyone to be left alone in their affliction and pain.

If you are alone in your affliction, my heart goes out to you. I encourage you to seek support, to ask the Lord to bring comforters and helpers your way. The one thing that is worse than living with a chronic illness is to live with it alone. Let others know you are hurting and reach out for help.

Prayer: Dear Lord, though we are truly never alone when we have You, bring others our way to help us with our burden and to lift us when we fall. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He has been blessed with caring friends and loved ones. He is grateful that the Lord has always been by his side.

Does your illness leave you feeling isolated and alone? Have you reached out to others for comfort and help?

There are times when we just want to give up. We want to never get out of that bed. We are so tired of being hurt, we want to avoid all relationships. We’ve lost faith in the church body and avoid church folks if we can. This song is “I Almost Let Go” with Kurt Carr. It has some lyrics I think you will be able to relate to. Don’t give up. You may almost give up–but God specializes in last minute answers to prayers. -Lisa

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