Too Much Stuff? Can Less Become More For You?

STUFFYou may be surprised how all of your stuff is weighing on you. Karlton shares some benefits of getting rid of some of our stuff.

“John answered, ‘Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same’” (Luke 3:11).

“One of the best benefits of embracing a minimalist lifestyle is there’s less stress. You don’t have debt hanging over your head. There’s less hurry to make more money to buy the next thing coming out. Less stress leads to a more healthy lifestyle.” –Pastor Joshua Becker

This summer my wife and I have been shedding some almost thirty years of accumulated junk. It is amazing how much larger our house seems with less needless things piled around it.

I believed the hard part about removing the clutter would be letting go of things. Yet on one of our first trips to Goodwill that I realized the hard part was contemplating just how much money I had wasted over the years on the unnecessary clutter.

I think that those of us with illness clutter up our lives with many needless things. We worry too much, we stress too much, and let our imaginations get filled with fear of things that never come to pass. The corners of our minds get crowded with dread, doubt, and discouragement. We need a mental and emotional house cleaning.

We must constantly weigh the benefits of the things we bring into our lives. It is easy to spot the needless worry and fear, the programs on television, or the people around us who bring about discouragement and negativity. Yet it can be very hard to discipline ourselves away from activities or associations that clutter our lives and draw down our already limited resources. But sometimes less is more when you live with illness.

I challenge you to consider the many things in your life that are taking up your energy, your necessary resources. How much clutter can you remove to make your life with illness better?

Prayer: Dear Lord, we fill our lives with needless things, help us to instead fill ourselves with You! Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. While he may never be a minimalist, he is trying to live with less, especially less mental and emotional clutter.

Are there things in your life that are robbing you of joy and happiness? Is there clutter in your life you can perhaps do without?

When I need to do a good cleaning, I put on my CD of Gwen Smith and play the song, “Uncluttered” over and over. I have shared this video in the past, but it is always a good reminder that to fully serve God we need to have a life that is uncluttered. I hope it blesses you (it may even inspire you to clean out a drawer!) -Lisa