Finding Refreshment When The Stress of Illness Frustrates You

refreshment2If the many frustrations are overwhelming you, Jackie shares how to find refreshment.

“Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31b).

Do you ever feel like a teapot shrilling with built-up steam? Managing a chronic disease can be way beyond frustrating. What I hate the most are the incessant phone calls I make for doctor appointments, prescriptions, or test results.

Then there are the follow-up calls for doctor appointments, prescriptions, or test results. Sometimes I have to follow up on follow ups!

And what about the annoying options you have to listen to? I catch myself daydreaming through all the options and forgetting which I’m supposed to push. Then I have to start over.

Sometimes I go to pick up a medication that I really need and they tell me it isn’t covered. So I call the doctor, get another drug, go to pick it up, and they tell me that I need a pre-authorization. Didn’t the doctor order the drug to begin with?

When I feel I can’t cram one more thing into my day, it calls for drastic action. I decide to take a “Jackie Day.” I spend quiet time with my Lord, then take myself out-to-lunch, do a little shopping, go to a movie, get take-out for dinner, and spend the evening reading a novel (that all depends on feeling good that day). However a day like that restores my soul.

Remember in 1 Kings 19 how depressed Elijah was after his great victory over the prophets of Baal. He was discouraged over the great numbers that followed Baal and told the Lord he had had enough.

God so wisely allowed Elijah to sleep, fed him twice , and led him to Elisha to help him. God encouraged him by telling him that there were 7,000 Israelites who had not bowed to Baal. Let God replenish you when you’ve had enough. He’ll be glad to do it.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we know that You desire that we build rest into our days. Help us to recognize when we need a break from the weariness and frustration. In You we find refreshment. Thank You. Amen.

About the author:
Jackie Smith is from Knoxville, TN near the beautiful Smoky Mountains. She struggles with Sjogren’s Disease and migraine headaches. Jackie had a bilateral mastectomy over 25 years ago. A few years ago she had her colon removed, necessitating a permanent ileostomy. She has her master’s degree in Child and Family Services. Between she and her husband of 35 years there are 5 children and 12 grandchildren who provide much joy. Jackie loves sharing through her writing the rich experiences God has lavished upon her.

Do you feel you can’t cram one more thing into your day and are about ready to blow your top? Take a break and enjoy a day just for you.

We all go through moments of loneliness and confusion, when we feel like every time we hope for a better day we are left disappointed. This song is “Right Beside You” with the group Building 429. It has a bit of a beat and the lyrics are great.

I know some of these songs I choose may be a bit more “rockin'” than what you are used to, but I hope that you know I listen to every song and read all the lyrics. Some of these songs, like this one, are just cool enough that they may be exactly what your teenage child or grandchildren may listen to. So even if you start to think, “Um, no, that isn’t for me,” before you click away consider who you know who may need to hear it! Hugs, -Lisa