Are You Resting in God?

restingIt’s easy to say how resting in God will make life easier, but it’s hard to find rest at 3 a.m. Our new writer, June Stevenson, shares.

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” (Psalm 37a).

Before sleep apnea was diagnosed I slept very poorly. Although I tried many options and desperately wanted to sleep each night, I dreaded even lying down for fear that sleep would elude me.

During those long hours I prayed and talked with God a lot. I tried to relax and let God care for me. It was so difficult. I tossed and turned, then paced the floor. I listened to peaceful music, especially favorite hymns. I repeated passages from scripture like Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer.

When I still couldn’t rest I would sit up in bed; wrap my arms around myself and rock, praying for God to hold me in his mighty arms. My faith never faltered but I grew more anxious and afraid.

After a year of consultation and medication the doctor ordered a sleep study. I had sleep apnea.

The treatment was using a machine every night. The CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine would force air into my throat and keep the epiglottis from relapsing and blocking off air. If I used it properly and faithfully I would be able to get a sound night’s sleep.

Relief washed over me and I determined to persist with the treatment until it began to take effect.

Today I rarely have any trouble sleeping. When I do, I remember what helped me before: resting in the Lord. I pray and repeat scripture, allowing my body to relax and let the machine take over. If for some reason I am without my machine, I just rest in God, knowing that his presence will be with me and a new day will bring relief.

Prayer: Dearest Lord, often our bodies and our souls are restless for healing and restoration. Help us to relax knowing that You are there to hold us up when we fall. Wrap Your loving arms around us to give us peace. Amen.

Welcome our new writer!
L. June Stevenson is a retired editor but still a very active freelance writer. She has written hundreds of devotionals and been published internationally. June has a son and daughter who between them have given her five grandchildren and a lot of material for writing. Her greatest hope is to give comfort and hope to those who suffer various ailments. She has had sleep apnea for 15 years.

What do you do when sleep does not come easily?

So many times we wonder how we are going to make it on the little strength we have. When we are unable to sleep for days–or even months–it can feel like you are totally depleted. This song with Shawn McDonald “Here I am” describes all the emotions we experience so well when we are completely drained and surrendering ourselves to God for His mercy. -Lisa

Curious about how Shawn McDonald found Christ? He has quite an amazing testimony about a troubled childhood and how God rescued him.

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