How is God Turning Darkness to Light in Life?

darkness-to-lightAre you letting God turn the darkness to light in your life or are you clinging to the darkness? Susan shares.

“You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light” (2 Samuel 22: 29).

My husband and I have a new end-of-day-decompress routine: playing Yahtzee by candlelight on our screened in porch. After a terrible score two nights ago, I scored two Yahtzee’s–five dice with the same number in three rolls–just last night.

It was epic.

We brought an unusual wooden tree shaped unit home when we closed our retail store last summer. I found several candle motifs and set them on the shelves that extend from the base branch. It fits perfectly in the corner of our small screened in porch, offering a romantic glow in the setting sun.

An idea formed. Not one to usually light candles, I found several stashed in closets and such and lined the porch railing. Almost twenty different candle holders decorate the outside now.

When lit, we can roll dice and even add up our score by their light alone.

They’re all different. There are tall wooden bases; cracked colorful bowls; several large and small jar shaped candles; and holiday themed pieces I got 75% off. There’s a small green glass turtle my boys bought; another my boys made; and even a clay lantern from Mexico.

All shapes. All sizes. But each flame flickers the same–adding to the brightness we enjoy.

I’m always amazed how dark the night is when we blow them out. The lights just don’t seem that big. That significant. Capable of penetrating the darkness with such force.

But they do.

And so do you and me–when we let Christ shine in us. It doesn’t matter your shape, your size, or even the status of your health. So shine. Make a God difference right where you are. Every candle counts. Every light matters. Play your part, turning darkness to light.

Prayer: Jesus, we can’t penetrate the darkness here on our own. So shine through us. Be real in us. Help us rise above the heaviness that chronic illness brings and rise above the darkness in our souls. Amen.

About the author:
Susan Schreer Davis lives in Georgia with her husband. Having survived the loss of her first spouse, ten years as a single mom, and ten more with a chronic illness, she enjoys encouraging others at her blog:

Do you really believe Jesus can shine through you and make a difference? Is His love real enough to you that it spills over when you interact in the world?

Take a few minutes to listen to this song, “Shine Your Light on Us” with Robbie Seay Band. When we are ill and it takes so much effort for us to just live day to day and survive all the side effects and pain, we can easily forget to ask for God to shine on us–and through us. But through it we will find amazing blessings. -Lisa