Differentiating Between Comfort and Selfishness

being-selfishDo we rely on our comfort more than God’s provision? Bronlynn reflects.

“Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain” (Psalm 119:36).

I have never liked being uncomfortable, and my health issues make me more aware of discomfort than ever before. I don’t like being too hot or too cold. I don’t like uncomfortable seats. I don’t like staying up too late. I don’t like noisy places. I like eating earlier rather than later.

My pain level contributes to my being self-focused, and that is understandable. But sometimes self-focus becomes selfishness, and I need to differentiate between the two.

While on earth, Jesus made many sacrifices of discomfort for the sake of others. He gave up a home. He lost sleep. He ate what others prepared. He walked miles to minister to others. Following His example, there may be times when I should take the focus off my comfort level and trust God with the results.

How do I determine whether I am being selfish or have a legitimate need? I need to examine my heart in the light of God’s statutes. Why am I making this choice? Am I trusting God’s sufficiency? Am I using my pain as an excuse, thus missing an opportunity to show His power in my weakness? Am I so focused on my own needs that I am insensitive to the needs of others?

I know my limitations, but I also know God’s limitlessness. Whether in little daily decisions or big life-changing ones, I need to seek God’s Word and wisdom. There will be times when seeking my comfort level is quite legitimate. But there may be other times when God wants me to endure some discomfort for the sake of others or for His glory. If I have a willing and open spirit, God will show me the difference.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, You know how hard it is for me to enjoy and focus on serving You and others when I am uncomfortable. Help me to continually evaluate my choices in the light of Your example and Word. Show me when my choices are based on selfishness rather than necessary comfort. Amen.

About the author:
Bronlynn Spindler lives in VA and is blessed to have the support and encouragement of a wonderful husband and three grown daughters. God’s grace and strength have brought her through thyroid cancer and continue to sustain her through ongoing back pain, depression, headaches, multiple sensitivities, eye pain, and fibromyalgia. You may view her blog of devotionals at http://www.aplaceofsprings57.blogspot.com.

This is a new song that recently came out, “Satisfied” with the group About a Mile. The lyrics share about how it can be a struggle to let go of our fears and desires and just be satisfied with God–regardless of what He provides–or doesn’t provide. Hope it blesses you. -Lisa

The video about the song is a great to watch as the song itself. I encourage you to take a couple of minutes and listen to the story behind the song by one of the band members.