Are You Sinking Beneath The Waves Of Affliction?

sinkingWhen you are sinking and ready to just cry for 13 days in a row, what keeps you moving forward? Karlton shares a feeling most of us have, yet we feel we are alone in our desperation.

“I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold. I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me” (Psalm 69:2).

It surprises me that when I am barely treading water, merely keeping afloat, a new wave difficulty, worsening illness, new problems rise up to sink me. By now it should not surprise me, but often I am left shaking my head in disbelief that things could, and just did, get worse.

What happens when we are sunk beneath the depths because of our afflictions? We need a serious infusion of God’s intervention from above to save us. And the good news is, He does save us, sometimes not as quickly as we might like, but He lifts us above the flood.

At times the “what ifs” torment me, bringing to mind the worst case scenarios for every problem and challenge. During those times “history lessons” are extremely helpful. I start counting and remembering the numerous times that God saved me from the flood in the past.

Sometimes the waves come crashing quickly upon us and we start sinking. Then things can look very grim, and we can begin panicking and letting fear drive us and cloud our thinking. But what we need to do is call upon the Lord, ask Him to deliver us from our fears, and to save us from our flooding circumstances.

The enemy is an artist, he can paint tremendous pictures of doom, failure, and defeat. But these worst case scenarios are not honest images. If the worst thing that can happen in any situation is that we die and go on to be with Jesus–that is no bad thing. But most of the time Jesus has more for us to do, and we need to picture our Lord coming to our rescue, and quit allowing those negative waves that come our way turn into mental tsunamis.

Prayer: Dear Lord, the waves are rising, the wind is howling, deliver us, restore us, and bring us peace. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. Sometimes the waves in his life get very large, but He knows Jesus is bigger than those troubling waves.

Does your health make you feel like you are sinking beneath the waves? Do you know that Jesus can walk on top of those same waves you are facing?

This is Lifehouse singing, “Hanging By a Moment.” So many of us with illness may post positive little quips and even photos that show what a happy little life we are leading–but no one knows how close we are to breaking… to sinking… It truly takes everything in us to live this life with chronic pain. Every. Single. Day. And even those of us who seem the most “together” have those times of feeling desperate more often than most people would imagine. This song describes how we all hang on. We have nothing else, but to hold on to Jesus. Hugs. -Lisa

One thought on “Are You Sinking Beneath The Waves Of Affliction?

  1. Thank you so much for this inspiring article! Just when I am feeling as if I will sink into despair from one more piece of bad health news, I come here and find the words that help me cope another day. Bless you for sharing your words and heart with us.

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