God Fights For Us When We Can’t Do It Ourselves


Kerryn shares her comfort in understanding hoping God Fights for you when you are too weak to fight for yourself.

“One of you routs a thousand, because the Lord your God fights for you, just as He promised” (Joshua 23:10).

Recently I had a doctor’s appointment preparing me for an operation. She said that I’ll “need to fight” to have the hospital staff take notice of the chronic invisible illnesses that impact so heavily on my body.

How quickly the enemy managed to play that over and over in my mind. I’ll need to fight for myself! Yet how is that possible when I’m too ill to communicate, let alone “fight?!”

Gradually I realized that fear had crept in and taken over. After praying for God to help me, He gave me an incredible picture that has completely dispelled the fear. I pray it helps you too.

I saw myself in a hospital bed, unable to move or communicate. There were hospital staff by the door, but they couldn’t see my many needs. Suddenly Jesus was there beside me, holding a sword and a shield. He was holding the shield of faith for me and the sword of the Spirit pointing out to assist the communication.

The Lord had placed a helmet upon my head. It was the helmet of salvation and protection for my mind from the enemy.

Jesus then opened His mouth, yet He wasn’t uttering a word! Instead there was a voluminous noise coming from His mouth. Kind of like a roar, but not. It was not something I could hear, but could definitely see.

What I noticed next amazed me!

At the same time as the roar-like voluminous sound was also a trickle of a gentle whisper. These were occurring at the same time!

Instantly the medical staff flew into action, attending to the exact needs I had, but was unable to communicate for myself.

“The Lord your God fights for you, just as He promised.”

Prayer: Oh Lord, thank You so very much for fighting for me, when I’m unable to fight for myself. Help me to call upon You and trust Your promises. I have nothing to fear with You by my side. Amen.

About the Author:
Kerryn Wright lives with her family amongst the gum trees in South Australia. She was a special education teacher prior to chronic illnesses. Her husband is carer for three of their family, who have chronic illnesses and disabilities. God has always guided them through life’s challenges, often in surprising ways.

What are you currently fearful about? How does this picture of Jesus help you in your own situation?

This is a beautiful song, “Maybe I’m Afraid” with Kerrie Roberts. She sings of how one day it will all make sense, and we must keep “challenging our future to a fight.” are you giving Jesus an opportunity to fight for you, or have you surrendered to this life you have, assuming He cannot do anything more with it than He already has. Assume He has something more for you. -Lisa