How to Take One Little Step at a Time

one-stepWith one step at a time we can accomplish tasks, but Susan explains how it is not our strength we need to rely on.

“Blessed is he who has regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble . . .” (Psalm 41:1).

My son is home from college for the summer, doing various odd jobs and painting our wrap-around-porch. Normally focused and calm, the project overwhelmed him today when he realized the spindles, poles, and siding and roof, all need a coat (or two).

Keeping paint off the screens of the newly screened in portion had already intensified the project. When he understood the siding needed attention as well, he blurted, “Mom, you need a painter–not just a kid with a brush!”

At twenty-two he’s far from a kid, especially since he’s served as an RA, the president of several student organizations, and kept good grades. But he’s out of his element; stuck on a back porch–in the Georgia summer heat.

I’d like to help him, but I’ve been quite tired today. Ever since a recent visit with an ophthalmologist revealed the complexity of new eye issues, the enormity of life with a chronic illness has seemed too much. My porch too big. The spindles small. The paint bucket heavy on my frail wrists.

I want to say, “Hey God, You need someone else for this job! I’m just a kid. It’s too much for me.”

But I know the answer before I even ask. It’s what I told my son just a little while ago, “Take it a section at a time. Do what you can. The job will get done.”

Nathan didn’t really need to hear that from me because he’s accomplished plenty in the last few years–without a meddling mom. But I needed the reminder. I needed to remember to just keep taking life one step at a time; to keep doing what I can.

Because the world already has a Savior . . and I can rest in Him.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with our physical challenges. Help us rest in You without giving up. Amen.

About the author:
Susan Schreer Davis lives in Georgia with her husband. Having survived the loss of her first spouse, ten years as a single mom, and ten more with a chronic illness, she enjoys encouraging others at her blog:

What’s one step you can take today to feel productive? What’s one way you can reach out to someone and make the difference you were meant to make?

Some days we have to focus on the first task at hand–to just keep breathing. This is Kerrie Roberts singing “Keep Breathing.” Rather than wondering how we will ever get done what needs to get done (doctor’s appointments, tests, paperwork, phone calls, etc.) we need to keep going and not give up, not give in to the doubts that God has us in the palm of His hand. Huge, -Lisa