Fighting Feelings of Worthlessness From Our Bed

worthlessnessBeing homebound or bedridden can diminish how we feel about our worth to God, but Elizabeth shares a scripture that may bring fresh hope.

“For the Lord takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with salvation. Let the saints rejoice in this honor and sing for joy in their beds. May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double edged sword in their hands” (Psalm 149:4-6).

There are few positions quite as humble as being flat in bed. We feel needy, edgy, and impotent. It is so easy to think of the things we can’t do. Some of the simplest tasks become things we have to have others do for us or to us. Yes, the most humbling of tasks.

When I came across today’s verse recently, I was reading it to my 97-year-old friend. Like those of us living with chronic pain and illness, her mind is relatively clear while the body shuts down bit by bit.

It was with great joy that we could sit and ponder this truth. It gave a heady promotion to our lowly estate. All of a sudden, this pair of “old ladies” became vessels of honor, crowned with the joy of His salvation. We were made aware of the mighty weapon we held in our hearts. I held it in my hands, she held much of it in her mind.

That morning, the two of us felt more important than the President, more honored than the most celebrated athlete. We were both still broke and feeble, but reminded that we had an impact far greater than any movie star ever did.

Often we think of our status here is one of low degree, these verses us that we need not wait for Glory for our promotion.

Lying in bed or resting in a recliner, we still have an honorable position. Our praise and godly conversation from our beds may seem like a lame offering to us. In God’s economy, however, it is elevated in value just as the widow’s mites. Let’s sing out His praises from our beds!

Prayer: Dear Father, We praise Thee for hearing our hearts. As our bodies weaken our spirit soars with worship. You have given greater strength to our souls as our bodies decline. We are amazed at this holy paradox only You could accomplish. Because of such mercies, we can rejoice in our low degree. Thank You! Amen.

About the author:
Elizabeth Vendley lives in beautiful Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has lived with pain since 1996 as a complication from surgery. Her challenges are from interstitial cystitis, dumping syndrome, and narrow angle glaucoma. Her seven children are grown and she has recently, miraculously returned to the work force as a direct care provider. She enjoys connecting with others in the Sunroom.

What feelings do you battle when you’re bedridden or home-bound? How does it change your perspective to know that you can still find joy and might for God?

It is so hard to be patient with the Lord sometimes, isn’t it? When we feel like our life is passing us by we think, “This can’t be all You have planned, is it God?” Sara Groves relays some of these emotions in her song, “Like a Skin” about how we want to move on and see changes in our life at times. I hope it blesses you to know that we all struggle with God’s seasons of stagnation. -Lisa