God Always Provides A Way For Us to Accomplish His Plans

plansWhen plans or goals seem impossible our new author, Julie, shares how God always provides a way if it is His will.

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!'” (Matthew 25:21)/

There have been times in my illness when I could not even rise from a chair without assistance, or make it up a flight of stairs without resting halfway up. I felt like a burden to everyone around me, and I personally am someone who needs to feel useful and of value to God and others. Can you relate?

Absolutely every Christian can be of value to God on this earth. God has a plan specifically tailored for you that He wants you to fulfill. Everything you have gone through in your life and are going through at this moment is contributing to your specific calling.

Don’t be fooled. Nothing in your life has happened by chance or is just an unfortunate occurrence. You are here exactly at this time in history, with exactly the circumstances you have encountered, because God has a specific task He wants you to fulfill.

Do you have a desire to find out what that calling is? There will doubtless be obstacles to your fulfilling His plan, and it may look impossible, but don’t listen to the voice of doubt. When God directed Joshua to lead the Israelites to cross the Jordan River (Joshua 3), it didn’t seem physically possible. But when God directs, He also provides a way.

God told them that when the priests carrying the ark of the covenant stepped in the river, He would hold back the water and they would be able to cross on a dry riverbed. But they had to do what He directed, take that first step and get their feet wet. It was a step of faith, and we have to take that same first step of faith when God is telling us to do something and get our feet wet.

Prayer: Lord God, what is my purpose here on earth? I want to be useful to You and to others around Me. Please reveal to me Your plan, and help me to take that first step in faith. Amen.

Welcome to our newest author!
Julie Buckley was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease in 1995 (scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and polymyositis) along with fibromyalgia. She lives in the midwest with her husband and has a grown son. She also has a blog site called “Healthy Souls,” which encourages Christians to grow stronger through their physical weakness, http://jabuckle.wordpress.com/

What are some things people with physical limitations can do for God? For others?

Our faith asks us to have a new definition for “success” and our illness can be a constant tool to make this a priority in our life. This song, “Seize the Day” with Carolyn Arends is a reminder that how we “seize” looks different for each of us. It’s not about how the world expects us to set goals or how even we compare to one another. God asks for our heart and our willingness to be open-minded and even excited about what His plans are for our life. I hope this song reminds you to seize! -Lisa