A Spring Cleaning for the Soul

spring-cleaningIllness may prevent us from doing a Spring cleaning on our home, but a Spring cleaning in our soul will benefit us even more. Diane shares.

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10).

I have a friend who in the spring cleans her entire house. This has not been one of my strong points; since dealing with chronic illness. I’m a surface cleaner–that’s where you clean mostly what is visible.

Though I am trying to improve, with my health it is hard. This quote prompted me to ask have I have hidden in the closet of my soul? “We can become honest by clinging to Christ while cleaning out the closets of our souls” (Stumbling into Grace by Lisa Harper).

If we delve into it, way in the back, what would we find? Poor choices–that we thought would look great–but now we see does not reflect Him? Perhaps some smelly stuff from our past we no longer need hold onto because we have Him to hold onto now?

What I love is that Jesus wants to do that Spring cleaning with us! He will help us throw out all that unneeded “stuff,” allowing us to clean out our souls, so we can be refreshed. Then He gives us a brand new clothing line, a beautiful robe of truth and righteousness.

My dear friends, it’s encouraging to know that even if we can’t do Spring cleaning in our houses, more importantly, we can do it for the “closets of our souls” with our Savior’s help!

Prayer: Father, thank You for looking beyond the dirt and grime in our closets. Thank You caring enough to get in there and dig way in the back to help me get rid of all that “stuff” that is hindering my walk with You. Help us to continue to keep the closet clean so I can be a sweet smelling fragrance of Spring to You! Amen.

About the author:
Diane Kalata lives in Florida. She has three grown children, and a wonderful husband who offers much support. She enjoys leading a women’s bible study group as well as an online chronic pain and illness support group. She enjoys art and writing as well. It is her hope to bring encouragement to others as she deals with various chronic illnesses and pain; comforting others as God has comforted her.

If you were to start a spring cleaning in your soul, what would be the first mess you would tackle?

This song with Christa Wells, “Renovate,” is a touching lyrical description of how God sometimes uses our tough times to tear us down and then renovate our soul. Take a moment to listen to the lyrics and I think you will be blessed. -Lisa