What Are You Looking At?

looking-atIf people stopped to see what you are looking at what would they see? Elizabeth shares.

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2).

Have you seen the following phenomenon: One person in an audience or congregation turns to look at something behind them and soon those around are also turning to see what the diversion is? If the first few turners don’t quickly return to the intended subject, all the children and most of the adults will follow their gaze and turn to see what going on.

Like a row of dominoes it can go, until the speaker up front is tempted to stop and check it out themselves.

Recently, I witnessed this process in another culture where staring is not considered rude. To me it seemed exaggerated, but it spurred a thought in my mind. “What am I looking at?”

I prayerfully asked the Lord what I have centered my attentions on. Then I wondered who has followed by my straying gaze when I lose focus?

If my energies and thought life hover around my lot in life, my malfunctioning body, my present distresses, who else is being distracted by my breech of concentration?

On the other side, let’s consider how much we can impact those around us by the way we cope with our chronic illness and pain. If my gaze is fixed steadfastly on the Lord and His glory, others are more apt to turn away from worldly pleasures or their own trials and turn toward Christ.

Isn’t it exciting to think that simply by putting Him in His right place (the center of all), we can help to extend the borders of God’s kingdom? Are you ready to push over that first domino?

Prayer: Thank You, Dear Lord, for the privilege of using this seemingly broken body and my broken dreams to draw others toward You. I need Your help to keep my vision focused on You and Your eternal glory so that others will see it and glorify You my Father in Heaven. Amen.

About the author:
Elizabeth Vendley lives in Lancaster, PA. After raising seven children and living with chronic pain since 1996, she is returning to the work force as a direct care giver. She would love to hear from you on her page in the Sunroom, especially if you have topic ideas for her to write about.

Can you list a few things that clamor for your attention and try to steal your gaze from your Beloved? What can you do to avoiding these traps? Can you think of an image, graphic, or symbol that inspires you to focus on Jesus Christ, Son of The Living God?

When I read Elizabeth’s devotional I remembered a video prank I had seen. In this video below it films a few people who stand and stare at the sky for no reason and within minutes over one hundred people stop and look to see what it is they are missing out on. It is a great example of how quickly we do exactly what Elizabeth described. -Lisa

Here is a beautiful song, “Sweet Jesus (You are my friend)” with Selah and Jill Phillips. Keep your focus in Him! -Lisa

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