I Do It Because I Can

i-canThere are days we cannot do things and days when we realize, “I can!” Elizabeth shares.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

Did you ever know a family that had the habit of asking other people to do favors and tasks for them that they are perfectly able to do themselves? I was recently in one such home. The single parent had come through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but was now much improved. A residual effect was that they had all developed this habit.

It gave me an idea.

Although I was feeling well at the time, they had seen me ill. When they asked each other for anything I purposely jumped at every chance to do the favor for them. It wasn’t long before they noticed and asked me why I was so quick to set my project aside to do these little deeds.

My answer was: “I do things because I can.”

Many have been the times when I was unable to care for myself, much less do a favor for someone else. That day I was feeling well and able. I told them that I rejoice to be able to fetch water for someone.

I had the right idea that day, but often I find myself acting more like a couch potato. My flesh has gathered some bad habits. Oh, to keep my spiritual view as it should be and “seize the day” when I am able!

I felt happier that day and it acted as a reminder to hold on to that grateful attitude.

The incident has served to remind me to enjoy that abilities I have today, none of us know what tomorrow brings. Living with chronic pain and illness makes us more keenly aware of that fact, and we need to live more deliberately and intentionally. I hope I can hold on to this lesson more in the future.

Prayer: Lord, You see the bad habits I have formed. Please help me not to be careless. Open my spiritual eyes to enjoy the abilities I do have, especially when You send me better days. Thank You for the example of the perfect servant in Your Son, Jesus Christ, from whom all good things flow. Amen.

About the author:
Elizabeth Vendley lives in Lancaster,PA and is currently able to serve the Lord by ministering to aged and disabled friends. She has lived with chronic pain since 1996 after surgical complications enraged the sleeping monster of Interstitial Cystitis. She now carries several other diagnoses as well. She loves to write about the lessons she has learned on the journey and invites you to meet up with her in the Sunroom.

Are there little things you can do for others today just to celebrate what abilities you do have? What bad habits have you formed from your journey and how can you break them?

When you are chronically ill what you can do one moment, the next moment you cannot. It shifts constantly and can be frustrating if you are putting your value or your plans into the idea of what you are capable of doing. I have found if I can, I do it.

Some people think I push to hard, but I know my personality and my body. When I quit doing what I can, I lose more ground than just that little action I surrendered to. I can physically (and sometimes emotionally) nosedive and it’s so much harder to regain the lost ground. I hope you enjoy this song “Yes We Can” by Me In Motion. -Lisa