Clearing The Cruft From Our Lives

cruftAre you overwhelmed with all the cruft in your life? Karlton explains.

“Dear children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21)

In technical jargon the word “cruft” means useless or unnecessary clutter, or something outdated or non-essential. Those living with illness and disability cannot afford useless cruft cluttering up their lives or draining their precious energy or resources.

Sometimes I go through my computers or tablets and remove unused apps that needlessly take up space, perhaps robbing the computer hardware of energy or resources better used where it is needed elsewhere.

In a similar way there may be activities, events, or certain jobs that we get involved with that we can no longer truly invest ourselves into because of our illness or continued disability.

Sometimes we have to make hard choices between what we can afford to spend our precious energy on and what simply costs us more than we can afford –physically, mentally, or emotionally.

And then there are activities that we know are harmful to us in some way. Perhaps they depress us or rob us of spiritual energy. Those are truly idols we can no longer afford to bow down to with our time, effort, and limited energy.

It may be that we should spend what little energy we have on fulfilling and God pleasing activities that not only feed our spirit, but lifts the spirit of others as well. Illness and disability can force us into hard choices.

But the right choice is always to remove the useless cruft and clutter from our lives. By doing so we can focus on accomplishing positive things for ourselves and those around us. By removing the energy-draining useless cruft, we can send that effort instead into fruit-bearing actions and activities.

Consider the energy-draining activities in your life and ask yourself what is useful and what is useless to you as someone living with illness. Beware the danger of allowing cruft to steal your precious energy and talents that could be better used elsewhere.

Prayer: Dear Lord, how often we waste our precious time and energy. Help us to remove the useless and focus instead on useful endeavors. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He seeks to continually remove the cruft and keep the useful to save his limited energy.

Are useless activities draining away your precious energy? Have you tried counting the cost and coming up with a better way to focus your resources?

This is “Above All Else” with Michael W. Smith. When we put God in the place He should be–above everything–the rest of our life just seems to fall into place. Even though we still face struggles and times of depression, I believe God blesses us with a certain peace only from Him because we have our ducks lined up in the right order. Enjoy. -Lisa