Will You Follow Jesus Anywhere?

followAre you willing to follow Jesus to Africa? What about the hospital bed? Elizabeth explains.

“As Jesus went on from there, He saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth. ‘Follow Me,’ He told him, and Matthew got up and followed Him” (Matthew 9:9).

The Lord is the strength of my life. Since last November I have resided in three places and taken two trips by car. My dog, Mindi, has been along for this nomadic phase.We have covered six states in those months. In all of this, Mindi has slept in her cage, basements, porches, under my bed, or in the car. She has been unflappable and a far better traveler than I–and I slept in warm cozy beds.

Her tenacity and loyalty amazes me. She jumps into the car without the slightest hesitation, eager for any adventure. She has no idea if it will be a quick errand or an out of state trip. As long as I am along, she is faithfully here.

Her example puts me to shame. Have I been so faithful to my Master? Am I content to simply trust that He knows where He is taking me, and He is driving? Do I sulk inwardly at my transient living conditions, or simply rejoice that He provides me a soft comfortable bed at each abode?

And the not so comfy times? Sometimes Mindi had to be out on a porch, or caged in my car at night. Some days, she was welcomed into the house, then the next place we would go may require she be tied up in the yard and sleep caged in my car at night. Still she eagerly followed me anywhere.

How do I follow where the Lord takes me? Do I simply go, and enjoy the fact that He is with me? Do I trust whatever circumstance He allows for me? Can I be ill and content at the same time? Does discomfort (okay, outright pain) lead me to questions or praise? Mindi has earned high marks in these areas and she has taught me a few lessons.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I confess that I have had lapses in faith and failed to trust You at times of distress. And I am amazed at the grace You extend to me none the less. Because of the suffering Your Son endured, I will rest at the foot of Thy throne someday. Grant that I can learn to be content on this journey, just knowing You are along with me. I praise Your Holy Name, Amen.

About the atuhor:
Elizabeth Vendley gratefully serves the Lord while juggling pain and illness. She enjoys writing about the lessons she has learned from her journey.

Have you learned lessons from your pets that helped you grow in your faith? What thoughts inspire you to be content just because The Lord is with you?

In this video join the group Leeland and special guest artist Brandon Heath as they travel to and sing “Follow You.” Where are you willing to follow Jesus to? I’ve found that even those places I don’t want to go end up being times of miracles because God is always busy there! Hope it encourages you to consider where you may follow Him! -Lisa