Are Your Circumstances Ruling Your Life?

circumstancesIs your daily life a result of your faith or of your circumstances? Karlton shares the power of attitude.

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” (Philippians 4:11)

The word “circumstances” is loaded with meaning. Our circumstances can have a huge impact upon our lives. We say that some people are born into favorable circumstances–perhaps wealth, family connections, having talents or abilities beyond the average person.

Yet circumstances can change, illness and disability can arrive, money can fade away, our circumstances can change as quickly as the weather. Such changing circumstances makes me very glad that our God does not change, He is the same no matter the circumstances.

It would be nice if we could always be the same, no matter our changing circumstances. To always maintain a Christian spirit, a cheerful heart, and hopeful outlook, that would be wonderful. Yet we are affected by a doctor’s diagnosis, and having a disease label attached to our name. Loss of health, loss of job, perhaps loss of friends and family, these things affect us mightily.

If it were up to me, my mood would change as quickly as the weather, just as quickly as those changing circumstances. But I have learned to draw strength from the One who never changes. I have tied my boat to His anchor. That is what we must do. Jesus can hold us steady in unsteady times. Our actions and reactions need not be decided by our circumstances.

Sometimes it takes awhile for me to reign in my ‘gut reactions’ to trouble and bad circumstances. We are all human, and we have human reactions. Yet when I call upon God, and take my problems to Him, laying them at His feet, I know that He is the Lord of my circumstances. He is the Lord of your circumstances as well, if you allow Him to be your Lord.

Prayer: Dear Lord, our circumstances can change daily, but we pray that You would be our Lord, and take charge of our circumstances. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He grateful that Jesus is the Lord of his circumstances.

Do your circumstances seem overwhelming? Are you willing to ask Jesus into your life, and become Lord of your circumstances?

In this song Steve Fee sings “What Else Can I Do?” It doesn’t matter what your life looks like, what your weaknesses are, what your bank statement balance is, how many friends are on your social network. All that matters is that you are the child of the King and He loves you unconditionally. When you consider all this, what else can you do except worship God? It is an inspiring thought, isn’t it? Hold it close to your heart (and your head) today. -Lisa