God Thinks You are Useful–Despite Your Aging Hardware

usefulHas illness left you feeling anything but useful? Karlton shares how God uses our weaknesses to fulfill His purpose.

“They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green” (Psalm 92:14)

Recently I was given a very old computer. I knew it would be a challenge to get it running at all, much less make it useful. I really didn’t need the old machine, having several “younger” and more useful computers, but I wanted to save it.

On the verge of throwing it into the trash, I finally got it up and running. Even though it had lived long and been used hard throughout its computer life, it could now be useful again.

Like that aged computer many of us get to a point on the calendar of our lives when we feel our best days are behind us and our usefulness is gone. Yet, I think that just as I hated to give up on that old computer and throw it away, so much more God wants to “get us up running” again and make us useful despite our aging hardware.

The frustrations that come from age and disability–from years of use or because of illness and disease–can leave us feeling worn out, discouraged, and thinking that perhaps we should be retired from life. Yet God does not discard us, but rather takes us and renews us from within, making us a vessel fit to His purposes.

There are times I have felt it would be easier just to retire from life and quit trying to accomplish much of anything because of my health. Yet as long as I can do anything or accomplish anything for the kingdom, I want to do so, and you probably feel the same way.

Perhaps you cannot see any usefulness left in your life. Maybe you think you are too worn out or too ill to be of service to anyone. I would encourage you to look beyond your circumstances, forget about how worn out or used up you may feel.

Ask God to revitalize and refresh you within by His Spirit. Then you can be put back into the Master’s service–not based upon our strength and abilities, but by His power.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we feel worn out and used up. Please bring us refreshing and hope and make us useful for Your kingdom. Amen.

Has life or illness worn you out? Have you asked the Lord to refresh your spirit?

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. Many times he has felt worn out by life and illness, yet he hopes to continue to serve the Master of life.

I like this song, “You Can Have Me” with Sidewalk Prophets because it shares how we can surrender ourselves over to Jesus. We don’t need to set unrealistic expectation of our “works” for God, because He loves us just as we are. However, when we give Him everything we are and say, “you can have me, here I am” He will do more than we ever thought to imagine or ask for. Enjoy. -Lisa