How Can You Exercise in the New Year? Spiritually!

exerciseWhat kind of exercise can I do to most improve myself this next year? Diane shares.

”My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73:26)

As the New Year begins the continuous promotions for a new lean and fit you assault us from every angle–telling us to join this, take that or do this, all in the name of fitness. So what are we who are chronically ill to do? How can we enter into this New Year with a plan to exercise, when we have a body which is not willing or able to comply with the world’s view of fitness?

Well, here are a few suggestions to exercise in a way that will challenge you to have a more, fit and flexible, spiritual you!

1. Exercise the ability to pray. (Psalm 119:164) Remember this was King David’s biggest asset, granting strength, peace and faith in God.

2. Exercise forgiveness and restraint when irritated by others (Psalm 141:3), when dealing with others, choose forgiveness, and prayer over a stern or snappy response.

3. Exercise humility. Remember, we too have a past we were so generously absolved of by Christ; let us not judge but be merciful for otherwise we would be dressed in filth as we stood before Him. (James 2:12)

4. Exercise the gift of love. (John 3:16) If we choose to love fully, unconditionally, and uncommonly as Christ did for us, there is nothing greater!

Prayer: Father as we enter into a new year help us not to look at ourselves as unfit, but better yet to exercise the truths that You offer us in Your word. Teach us to be focused on You and Your great love for us, allowing us to choose to be children who are uncommon examples of Your amazing Character. Amen.

About the author:
Diane Kalata lives in Florida. She has three grown children, and a wonderful husband who offers much support. She enjoys leading a women’s bible study group as well as an online chronic pain and illness support group. She enjoys art and writing as well. It is her hope to bring encouragement to others as she deals with various chronic illnesses and pain; comforting others as God has comforted her.

How do you see yourself exercising the fitness of Christ? In what ways have you exercised God’s love to others in your life?

This is Kristian Stanfill singing “From the Inside Out” and the lyrics explain how we need God to consume us from the inside out. We want to love God and others from the inside out. We will fail, we will say things we regret, and we will have moments when we curl up in a ball and avoid the people who need us, but God always forgives us. He loves us unconditionally. I hope this comforts you as you consider any resolutions. You won’t be perfect, and that is okay. -Lisa