Do You Grow Impatient With God?

impatientDo you ever become impatient with God’s time table? Karlton shares how you are not alone.

“Abraham fell face-down; he laughed and said to himself, ‘Will a son be born to a man a hundred years old? Will Sarah bear a child at the age of ninety?'” (Genesis 17:17)

Even Abraham and Sarah had a hard time believing God, and when it seemed God was never going to act, they took the matter into their own hands and Ishmael was conceived.

I sympathize with Abraham and Sarah. I too have a hard time believing God on occasion, and I also grow impatient waiting on God. When you live with illness it can strain your patience, and test your faith in God’s ability to heal and meet your needs. But when we start counting past victories, we realize we are not in this alone, God is with us and helping us.

When illnesses flare up, when new problems arise, and when it seems we have been waiting forever for God to arrive on the scene, we can become impatient with God because of our circumstances. Yet we must fight past our doubts and frustrations and count on God being who He says He is, and doing what He can to help us.

I have never liked waiting, patience has never been my best quality. Too often I find myself crying out in frustration at God rather than believing in God’s promises. Yet when I step back from my situation and remember who God is, what He has already done, and what He can do, I recall that God is everything He said He is, and can do everything He says He will do.

Today you are perhaps like me, feeling frustrated with God and impatient in your circumstances. Let’s recall who God is, and believe He will do all that He promised.

Prayer: Dear Lord, be patient with our impatience, and strengthen our faith, for we know Your word and promises are true. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He trusts in God’s faithfulness despite doubt and impatience.

Do you find yourself doubting God? Are your circumstances testing your patience?

Perhaps you are waiting on God. Maybe you are eager and excited to see what He is going to do in Your life. Maybe you are afraid. Or maybe you are just mad–because you didn’t like the latest plans He revealed in your life! We all wait and we all wait on God. How we do it, with what attitude, makes all the difference in our lives. I hope this song, “Waiting Here for You” with Christy Nockels inspires you to wait patiently–and eagerly! -Lisa