Who You Are Matters More Than What You Do

youJust when you think you aren’t doing enough, you may discover your faith and joy is influencing others. Linda shares.

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded” (2 Chronicles 15:7).

We never know the lives we impact by the way we handle the circumstances surrounding our illness. I never thought a lot about the fact that others were watching how I reacted and handled the daily struggles of living with multiple chronic illnesses.

I had been going through a period feeling like I was worthless; I was not able to do anything for anyone. All I was doing was taking. I felt like my days of working for the Lord were in the past.

Then, at a recent doctor’s appointment where the news wasn’t good, the doctor stopped and asked me, “How do you do it? You remain positive, you spread a smile, we all look forward to your appointments knowing that we are the ones that feel better when you leave.”

Wow . . . not what I was expecting. Despite being in shock I was able to say, “I don’t do it. It is God working in me. I have the confidence that God is in control and will give me strength and wisdom to face whatever is to come.”

Later thinking back over the visit I thought of this verse and was reminded that while I may not be doing anything physical I am doing work for the Lord. Others are watching and they are able to see what He is doing in me. I pray that encourages them to know that He is there for them.

So while it is still hard to be on the receiving end of so much–the meals, the house cleaning, the rides to appointments–I am more determined to remain positive and spread the hope of resting in the arms of the Lord to those who are watching.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the peace You give. Thank You for those in our lives that can do the physical things we are no long able to do. Please give us the peace and grace to accept the gifts You send to us and let Your love shine through us and be a blessing to others.

About the author:
Linda Aufrance lives in Arizona with her husband of almost 40 years. She has 2 grown children and 3 amazing grandchildren who bring laughter, love and joy into her life. She lives daily with the struggles of MS, Lupus and Diabetes but rests in the assurance that God is in control and try’s to share his love with those she comes in contact with.

Has someone ever asked you what your secret to joy is? If not, how can you adjust your attitude or actions so you can eagerly anticipate the day when someone does ask?

It seems to be our nature to put our value as equal to what we do. And when we do something we should not–or we feel like we can’t do anything for God–our worth quickly drops in our eyes. This song, “You are More” with Tenth Avenue North, is a lovely reminder that we are more than what we do. We are loved–unconditionally–because of who we are. We are His. Enjoy. -Lisa

2 thoughts on “Who You Are Matters More Than What You Do

  1. Linda – great thoughts and reminders that as God directs our steps, He is the one we carry so ( if we allow ), He will shine forth. Your experience is one example. How wonderful that the Lord prompted your doctor to give you that affirmation – right when you needed it. Amen!

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