Shall I Accept Good from God and Not Trouble?

acceptWhat does it mean to truly accept the tough times and not just survive them? Our newest devotional writer, Sonya, shares.

“Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?’ (Job 2:10b)

I had been going through a flare up of my fibromyalgia for quite a few days and this verse from Job had been repeating in my mind. Sometimes I miss what God is trying to say because I think I already know. I was thinking God was trying to tell me that things would soon quiet down.

God often has to repeat Himself to me, so as the flare went on, I would hear this every day. Finally one day, as I was preparing for work, the familiar fatigue creeping in, the revelation finally came. I was swallowing the verse whole, but God wanted to feed my spirit one bite at a time.

I finally heard the inflection in His voice as He whispered to me once again, “Shall I accept good from God and not trouble?” Shall I accept my circumstance and therefore submit to the will of God even though I do not understand it? Shall I accept this as being for my growth and learning? Or shall I say I accept . . . but only endure?

When we feed ourselves on God’s Word daily it becomes a lifeline, a constant and dependable help in time of need. In our everyday life as things are constantly coming at us to throw us off track, the Word of God will come to us like rain on dry, parched ground, instructing us and equipping us for battle, encouraging us in times of struggle and strife.

Sometimes we think we hear loud and clear but we are really missing the point that God is trying to make. We must listen closely to the Lord’s voice and allow Him to minister to us in the way that He desires, because His ways are always best.

Prayer: Lord, I know that You love me and that pain was not part of Your original plan, but I know You can use it to shape me in ways I never imagined. I pray that my life will be all for Your glory. You deserve all my praise in all situations. I will love You no less, no matter what befalls me, because I know that You are for me and not against me. May Your will be done. Amen.

About the author:
Sonya Richards lives outside Richmond, VA with her husband of nearly twenty years. She has two grown daughters. Sonya was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004. She works full time as a bookkeeper but writing for the Lord is her true passion.

What ways does God teach you? Is it through repetition, like me or some other way?

This video is with Jeremy Camp singing, “God with Us.” It’s both upbeat and calming and a lovely Christmas rendition of remembering the true meaning behind His name, Immanuel. I hope you enjoy it today as I shares again all that God has done for us, and that He never leaves us, He is always with us. -Lisa