Taking Stock After The Storms

stormsOur thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all who have lost their homes across the country–and the world–due to recent storms. -Lisa

Storms will crash into our lives, some gentle and some life-changing. Karlton explains.

“I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.” (Psalm 55:8)

I stood looking up into a beautiful starlit sky. Just hours before terrible storms had rolled through, and states to our west had been struck by numerous tornadoes spawned by the storm that struck us. The lights had flickered at our house, the tornado siren had gone off in town, but all was peaceful and calm now.

Yet it was not peace and calm for those who had lost loved ones, homes, their neighborhoods, and the stable world they were used to. Their very peace had been shattered by the tornado-producing storm.

As bad as the storms of our life may be, I sometimes think that it is the time after a storm that is the worst. During the storms of our lives we take shelter, perhaps gather flashlights and candles, we act, we prepare, we are doing something even if it is merely seeking shelter. But afterward, we have time to think, to the count the cost, and to become fearful of the next storm that comes our way.

It cannot be emphasized enough how badly we need Jesus. We can lose everything around us, loved ones, friends, homes, all of our belongings, but if we have Jesus we have comfort, hope, and a way to find peace despite terrible events.

The chronically ill are not strangers to storms. The storms may not bring tornadoes, but they can feel just as earth-shattering. A diagnosis of cancer, or some other terminal illness, or even just being told we must ‘learn to live’ with a disease can rock our ordinary world, break into our comfortable lives.

I cannot promise you that deadly or dangerous storms will never enter your life, but what I can promise you from God’s word is that Jesus will come into your life if you let Him. He can heal your brokenness, restore your peace after the storm strikes, and give you courage to face the storms that will come down the road.

Jesus will not forsake you, even if you lose everything else, Jesus will be there before, during, and after the storm passes.

Prayer: Dear Lord, how we hate storms! Yet give us courage to face everything that batters our life, keep us strong through the tempests Lord. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He hates storms, but loves the Lord who calms the storms.

Has your life been battered by a doctor’s diagnosis? Have you felt that a tempest of illness has stolen your peace? Call upon Jesus, He always answers, He is just waiting for you to ask Him for help.

Storms will always hit our lives, but God says He will restore our losses, He will never leave our side, and that He has plans for our life to bless us. This song, “Sink and Swim” is by Plumb and she sings of how we will not sink or swim, but sink and swim. I hope it blesses you. -Lisa

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