Say Nothing Prayers

prayersWhen was the last time you sat before God and didn’t say a word? Fiona explains these special prayers.

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.” (Psalm 62:5)

The last few months have been more exhausting than usual. It feels like just one thing after another that is using more emotional, or physical energy, and it has begun to take a toll. I’m tired and I know that I’m missing so much of what is said, what I read, or even things I’m told. I forget things I want to remember. I seem to get lost when I’m praying.

Something I heard recently that I did retain, seemed a clear message from God for me.

Our pastor talked about “say nothing Prayers”–instead of “shopping list prayers.”

Often we come to God with a list of wants, needs, concerns, or problems. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if that’s all we do in our prayer time, or in our time alone with God–what is that saying about us? Are we giving God suggestions or ultimatums?

Even when we are burdened to pray for others, sometimes we need to just leave those requests with God–stop telling God what we want and listen, or just rest in His presence.

As I sat thinking about what “say nothing prayers” would look like–I was aware of the picture of me crawling up into the Father’s lap and just sitting, saying nothing. Resting secure in His love, protection and care–and His timing.

My overwhelming thought from this was that God calls us (or me) to “stop doing and just be in God’s presence.” The words of Jesus to his disciples, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31)

Those of us who are ill, may not do a lot, but sometimes we still strive too much on our own. Let’s rest in Him–not without Him.

Prayer: Father, help me to be still and quiet in Your presence when I need to say nothing. May I rest, having brought my prayer requests to You and trusting in Your responses. Amen.

About the Author:
Fiona Burrows lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is thankful that God walks each step of her life with her, and that He is teaching her new things as she learns to live with chronic back pain. She enjoys finding time for reading, writing, and photography, and to share those things with others. You can contact her in the Sunroom, or read more of her writing on her blog there.

Does your prayer time ever seem to turn into just a shopping list? Are there times when God has ministered to you because you remained quiet and ready to listen? Is there a special place you like to spend time with God?

In our world we idolize busyness and accomplishment. Sitting and just listening to God’s voice may not come naturally. But as this simple video portrays, it is during the times when we truly need God we sometimes need to stop talking and just listen. . . and listen some more. -Lisa