Reach Out to Jesus During the Storms

reach-outDo you try your own strength before you reach out for Jesus? Karlton shares how we should never let go.

“Immediately Jesus reached out His hand and caught him. ‘You of little faith,’ He said, ‘Why did you doubt?'” (Matthew 14:31)

Have you ever had to hold on tightly to Jesus? There have been many times in my life when not only did I need the Lord’s touch, I needed to hold tightly onto Him.

One of my favorites stories is in the 14th chapter of Matthew when Jesus walks on water. What fascinates me is not Jesus walking on water, but Peter stepping out of the boat to walk on water with Jesus.

You have to give Peter credit for bravery, but soon Peter begins to sink and he becomes fearful. Jesus reaches out to take Peter’s hand and prevents Peter from sinking beneath the waves. I can picture in my mind Peter holding onto Jesus for dear life.

And often so must we.

We must have faith to seek Jesus out. We must believe that His touch can save us, and that by holding onto Him He will enable us to rise above our circumstances and keep us from sinking beneath the stormy waters of our daily challenges.

Holding fast to Jesus will save us from disaster.

What sort of storms are whipping around your life right now? Are you afraid of sinking beneath the water? Do yo u have enough faith to believe that touching Jesus can save you and prevent your destruction? The biggest challenges we face are nothing compared to the awesome power of our Lord.

Whatever is pulling you down, causing you to sink this week, I encourage you to take hold of Jesus, don’t just wait for Him to reach down and touch you. Reach out for Jesus and don’t let go.

Prayer: Dear Lord, the wind and waves are scary right now, the challenges are large and frightening, but I’m ready to hold onto You and not let go. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He has found there is no better way to survive affliction than by holding onto Jesus.

Are the storms of life making you feel helpless and weak? Are you willing to reach out and hold fast to Jesus?

If you are feeling worn out by it all and wondering how many times you are going to have to reach out for help, I think you will like this song, “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North. The lyrics express how we cry out and want to know there is redemption in the end, that the struggle will end. I am saving this song as one to turn to when I am weary with all this living with chronic pain and illness. I plan to sing along with it in my car, having my own personal worship moment. Hoping it touches you too. -Lisa