Please Read If You Use Gmail to Receive Devotionals

gmailIf you use Gmail, please take a quick minute to read this because it impacts you!

Gmail has added some new features and one of these is the automatic filtering of email messages for you

So even though we may just be sending you devotionals or updates about what is going on in our Sunroom, Google now categorizes my messages to you as “Promotions.”

This means they AUTOMATICALLY skip your inbox!

So, if you are wondering what has happened to the devotionals that you love, don’t worry, there is a pretty easy solution.

And if you have Gmail, but you have NOT had any difficulty seeing our messages yet, it’s because they likely haven’t gotten their hands on your mailbox yet. They are rolling out the changes with no definite date for some.

So… here is what you do if (or when) your inbox has been updated.

Drag one of my Rest Ministries emails to the “Primary” tab at the top of your screen. (You should be seeing Primary, Social and Promotions tabs). When an alert pops up, click “yes.”

That’s it. From now on you should see our emailed devotional back in your inbox.

Whew! That was close, huh?

If you prefer more of a visual example (I know I always like pictures) here are some sites:

Google instructions on using the new tabbed inbox

A great video that will walk you through it – click here or watch below

Thanks for taking a moment (or maybe it was one of those days and it took 15 minutes) to make sure we stay in touch. I know technology isn’t always easy, but I am glad you think keeping in touch with us here at Rest Ministries is worth it!

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder