Taking a ‘Vacation’ with God When Ill

Even though we may long to get away on a real vacation, if we remember to look out our window, we may find the vacation we seek. Bridget shares. . .

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)

When you step outside and spend time in creation, you can just sense God’s presence with you. Almost instantly a feeling of peace and awe comes over you–it truly is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by God’s creativity. It’s no wonder people like to travel to beautiful places when they want a break from everyday life.

I feel the same way when I open my windows and enjoy the warm, gently breeze on a summer day. I love the warmth on my skin and the renewed spirit in my heart. Sometimes with my health, I can’t always get outside, but I can sit by an open window!

God’s creation is an awesome reminder that when times are hard and circumstances are unknown, God is still with us every step of the way. God never leaves us, not for a minute. It’s like that quiet breeze is God saying, “I’m right here. I see what you’re going through.”

What a powerful image that is!

The next time you are outside or experiencing wind on your face, take that as a love note from God reminding you that He is right there with you! Take a quiet moment today to enjoy God’s creation and His true friendship!

Prayer: Dear God, I am so grateful for Your presence in my life–without You I would have no peace at all. I am thankful for the gentle reminders You send my way. Amen.

About the Author
Bridget Gazlay resides in beautiful West Michigan. She struggles with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, IBS, kidney stones, and migraines. She works full time but writes and designs fabric art on the side. Bridget’s prayer is that anyone who comes across her writing or artwork would see she allows, “God’s creation to be my inspiration.” Find out more about Bridget at, http://www.uniquelyfabric.com.

How has God used creation to encourage you?

Are you ready for something upbeat and joyful? This is Phil Wickham- singing “This Is The Day.” It’s a happy song that reminds us that each day is a new beginning and He is calling us to life. I hope it blesses you! -Lisa

2 thoughts on “Taking a ‘Vacation’ with God When Ill

  1. Hi Bridget!
    Thank you for sharing your heart, Bridget~as what you outlined in your devotional message, I believe, is so very true.
    Indeed, the Lord is with us always; however, with chronic illness/pain it is difficult to “feel/sense” the presence of the Lord when in *pain and there have been many times when He has made His closeness known with His Love pats~whether it is a beautiful continual breeze gently across my face, the songs of birds outside my window or just seeing the sky~an incredible evening sunset, etc….it is so true…the peace & warmth that wraps around me and the sense of being “Kept” (just kept) is so “encouraging” (for the lack of a more proper word right now, sorry), knowing that He has Everything~& Me included~looked after!
    It is in those moments that my “Need/Desire” to get a way…is swept away~my spirit is settled!
    I am so grateful for this devotion (and all that are shared) for how it’s opened my eyes/spirit to “MORE” of the closeness/protection/provisions/etc of our Lord…
    Big Gentle Butterfly HUGGS to each one!!!
    Always, Jewels

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