And It Came to Pass. Will Life Get Better?

When our side effects and conditions start to stack up, we don’t feel like it will ever end. Elizabeth shares how she finds hope in the scriptures of when it “came to pass.”

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” (2 Corinthians 4:17)

I counted the phrase “And it came to pass. . . ” to occur over 49 times in the King James Version of the Gospel of Luke. It is left out of many translations, but I rather like thinking on that phrase when it comes to life’s afflictions.

It came to eventually move on, pass by. It, my thorn, came. It didn’t just happen at random or evolve; it was the result of a plan. That plan is temporary and earthbound. Living with chronic pain and illness makes the ‘eventually’ part seem insurmountable. There are days when we don’t feel much comforted by the idea of relief being at the end of many years. And then we get the flu. . . or a cold, or a toothache.

The latter was my recent plight and it reminded me of a simple truth I need to relearn from time to time. I can heal, some things do go away. It is all still in the Master’s hand.

Am I a little loopy to be encouraged by abscessed teeth, and dry sockets? Probably, yet I prefer to consider it being a fool for Christ. First off, it reminds me that I can go through a malady fairly normally. Other factors pop to my mind then, as I start down the path of gratitude. I am used to living with pain and have adjusted my lifestyle.

My young neighbor with several small children to care for and farm chores would really have it worse than I do because she is not accustomed to this sort thing. Another point is that I have access to pain medication. To some folks in my church a pain pill means a Tylenol tablet–and if they are forced to take two!

So what would seem near disaster to the uninitiated is status quo for me. Sometimes, our “new normal” can be a handy thing.

And so my mind goes on to the fact, yes, face that as my tooth woes were remedied by antibiotic and extraction, so will my years of pain find eventual remedy. It will seem light, it will find resolution, and it will shrink in size. Smaller ailments are a bother, but they have a lesson to teach us.

Prayer: Father, how can it be that I am thankful for toothaches and viruses? You have turned my world upside down and strengthened me at the same time. Help me to remember the big picture that You see, not my tiny earthly view. Thank for Jesus, the ultimate remedy for my soul. Amen.

About the author:
Elizabeth Vendley is the wife of David, and lives in North Central Michigan. They have raised seven children. Elizabeth has lived with severe Interstitial Cystitis since 1996. Her passion is glorifying the Lord by writing out the lessons He has taught her. She would love to hear from readers through the Sunroom. Elizabeth welcomes readers to see her musings and gleanings in her blog

Did you stop to consider, the last time you got a cut or cold sore, that you can get rid of some things? While stomach flu can send some of our conditions into a dangerous tailspin, can we actually see that the virus itself goes on its way eventually? Can you ind even oddball things to be grateful for in the midst of the storm?

Even though we may wonder if life will get better than this, remember. . . God made you for a purpose! I love the song, “We Are” by Kari Jobe as she reminds us that we were meant for more than this. Don’t let your circumstances drag you down. God has great plans for your life! I believe it. -Lisa