Faith, Hope, and Charity Make The Engine Go

Is faith, hope, enough for you to be healed? Perhaps, because there is no “formula.” Elizabeth explains how vital three things are for us to function each day even when we are not healed.

“’Sir,’ the invalid replied, ‘I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.'” (John 5:7)

In today’s passage I see hope. This man’s chances of being the first in the pool were pretty slim, but he was there none the less. We all hold out that sliver of hope in spite of all logic, that somehow, some way, some miracle may still cure us. Even a reduction in pain and limitation would be grand. We need to have hope or we get heart sick, as Proverbs tells us.

I also see faith here. Someone, either the afflicted man or his loved ones, had enough faith to get him to that spot. He later proves his own faith when Jesus grants him healing.

Faith had been there every day before that, as well as hope. On that day, however, Jesus added one more element with His divine power–charity.

Just yesterday my son told me of a word picture story he heard in a devotional. He compared these three elements to a motor.

Hope was the fuel, the gas that keeps us pushing forward.
Faith is the nuts and bolts, the hardware of the engine that holds it together and stabilizes things.
Charity is the oil or lubricant that smooth’s the rough edges and keeps the unit running.

All necessary, but nothing will move and progress cannot be made without the oil of charity.

In today’s verse Jesus bathed the man in pure love and, voilà, movement! It worked! It wasn’t long however until man’s pietistic ignorance came into the picture with legalism and human logic. Lord have mercy on us fools! And yet Jesus adds more oil of charity by telling the man the key to true joy–sin no more.

This motor parable has sent my mind to many levels, as an individual, in my family, as a church, and as a member of the human race. I need these elements to keep my motor running properly.

By the way, did you notice that perfect health was not on the list of what we have to have to make it in life? I did. It is the broken He came for not the righteous and perfect.

Prayer: Father, You have given me all I need to live abundant life. You see past the physical and heal my heart and soul. Thank You for Your oil of charity through the shed blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. That’s enough for me! Amen.

About the author:
Elizabeth Vendley is the wife of David, and lives in North Central Michigan. They have raised seven children. Elizabeth has lived with severe Interstitial Cystitis since 1996. Her passion is glorifying the Lord by writing out the lessons He has taught her. She would love to hear from readers through the Sunroom. Elizabeth welcomes readers to see her musings and gleanings in her blog

What areas in your life could use the lubricating of charity? Can faith and hope ever be enough without charity? Do you believe that our spiritual lives can thrive even with broken bodies? How has the Lord proven this in your life?

In this video Hillsong sings “Healer” about a Godwho loves us. The lyrics tell Him how we believe is is our Healer and nothing is impossible for Him. Yet, at the same time, He is all we need. we don’t need healing to be complete–we just need Him. Bless you. -Lisa