Does Your Body Force You To Say, Be Still My Soul?

When you are physically down and out, does it give you extra time with God? Charles explains.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Life is so fast-paced in today’s society. As you look at your calendar, you are bombarded with appointments to see doctors’, activities for your children, and working. The question that came to my heart as I have read this Scripture over and over again is this: where does this leave time for God?

I believe God allows us to go through physical ailments for a special purpose.

We all know the devil uses it to try to pry us away from the Lord but time and time again we have all seen how the Lord has taken something meant for evil and turned it around for our good and His glory. (Romans 8:28)

By early afternoon each day, I end up laying down because my back is exhausted and pain is setting in. This has in turn become the most special time of my day, where God allows me to be still in His presence.

Many times I just lay there, listening for the voice of God to speak to my heart. Daily, I have the Word of God in hand, soaking it in my heart and mind so that these things may minister to my heart and overflow into lives of others I come in contact with. Sometimes I lay there and listen to inspiring music and close my eyes, letting the Lord minister to my heart through song.

I often wonder in the stillness of the day where my walk with Jesus would be if I did not have this “thorn in the flesh.” So many times I have failed God and have allowed the day to slip away without getting into His Word or being still and allowing Him to speak to my heart. The devil many times uses time (or lack thereof) as a weapon to draw us away from God. Would I even have a close walk with Him if not for my physical ailments?

We have to set our priorities straight and make God our number-one focus. I have found out time and time again that when I spend time with Jesus each day, my days are more enjoyable, my impact for the Gospel is more fruitful, and I get more accomplished.

I want to make sure my life is focused on eternal things because this life is short and I want to reap the reward for my faithfulness in the next life where I will be able to enjoy these things for all eternity.

In order to impact this world for Jesus, we must be still in His presence daily. When I first entered the ministry, God taught me that in order for me to accomplish His will in my life, I must concern myself first with seeking God in my own life. God has given us the gift of free will to decide whether or not we will spend time with our precious Lord. It is our choice to make.

Allow God to use your times of illness and pain. Use those times to be still in front of God, seeking His will and soaking our lives with His Word. Use that time to pray for others and allowing God to minister to us, giving us His grace and strength so that we can press on. In being still, we will know without any doubt that He is the God of all!

Prayer: Father, help me to make being still in your presence the top priority in my life. May my life be totally focused on eternal things. Forgive me for those times when I have allowed other things to get in the way of my relationship with You. Amen.

About the Author:
Charles Wells is an ordained minister who lives in Texas with his 10-year-old son, 6-year-old daughter and his wife. He suffers from major spinal problems and has had three major back surgeries. He has taken this pain and uses it for God’s glory by ministering to people in nursing homes, rehab centers and writing on these experiences. You may visit his blog at

Where is the Lord in the priorities of your day? What can you do to improve our walk with Jesus?

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