God is Running The Show–Despite Our Illness Battle

Note from Lisa: Deni’s husband passed away the day this posted. Please keep her and entire family in your prayers.

“He has caused his wonders to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and compassionate.” (Psalm 111:4)

It’s uncomfortable to realize that, right now, my husband is being kept alive by blood transfusions and platelet infusions. His chemotherapy didn’t eradicate the leukemia. Our doctor searches for new options.

It was even more unsettling to have him text me while he was getting his transfusions/infusions,
“Nurses say there’s a nationwide shortage of platelets.”

My mind went into almost immediate panic mode. What if there were no more platelets available for him? He could die. Not wanting him to realize the depth of my feelings at that moment, I responded with an simple unhappy


His reply?

“I’ll be okay. Remember who is running this show.”

Somehow my husband is adept at cutting through things in such a down to earth manner.

“Remember who is running this show.”

While I was thinking, “Oh my, we are so dependent on those platelets! They are what is keeping him alive,” he went straightaway to God.

Yes. Remember.

I marvel at his faith. It’s so easy to forget who is running the show when we are beset with challenge after challenge. We can easily feel as if we are in this alone.

Truth be told, when we walk with God–we are never alone.

And not only do we not walk alone, there is someone much stronger and wise than us who is running the show.

I know that when we–or those we love–deal with trials and challenges, when we feel out of control and panicky, it is so easy to fall into the place where we feel that no one is in control.

I am so glad that is not God’s truth!

So for those of you who feel that your lives are in the out-of-control place, that you remember just exactly who is running the show.

And the wonderful thing?

We can trust Him that the outcome will bring us to our ultimate good. Life with Him, whether in this world, or the next.

prayer: Father God, Help us, during the times of distress, to remember that You are in control and that we can trust You to bring us through each trial and challenge that faces us. Amen and amen.

About the author:
deni was forced into an early retirement from a field she loved where she worked with special needs children to encourage their emotional growth. It brings her joy to bring that same love of encouraging others as she shares lessons she has learned as she walks this path of living with chronic pain and illnesses.

Believing that the only true way to deal with physical and emotional pain is to bring them to the feet of her Lord and Savior, her hope is that by sharing the insights she have gleaned while many physical challenges (Celiac Sprue, Atrial Fibrillation, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Porphyria to name a few) She lives in a well-loved rambling old house sharing it with four generations of family. You can find more of her writings at http://www.todaysencouragingwordonline.com She can be contacted through her website.

Have you ever felt that you are riding the runaway train of chronic illness with no direction? Are you able to look back to times when you knew clearly that God had guided you through situations that seemed impossible? Are you able to put your trust in Him today?

Deni asked me to share “Our God is in Control” by Steven Curtis Chapman. As you listen remember to send up some prayers for her family. -Lisa