Can You Have an Easter Attitude All Year Round?

Now that Easter season has officially passed, are you able to keep your attitude of hope that you felt during this time, about God’s resurrection?

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15)

Resurrection and hope are synonymous for Christians, and rightly so. I find myself all too often approaching the empty tomb in a self-centered way. Rejoicing in the payday without really let it sink in that it really never was about me. News flash, eh? My ego centric attitude was well broken when I read the following statement:

Easter is not a victory to be celebrated; it is a reality to be lived.

Is it a year round reality for me to be walking out rather than one-time cash in at the end of time? One area I see this happening is my view of heaven.

Living with chronic pain and illness makes us an easy mark to look at heaven as a goal to reach that we can permanently escape our hurting bodies. It is something akin to doing a job only for the paycheck. The focus on vacation becomes rather intense. What becomes of the quality of the job we do? It falls short no doubt. And no wonder, who wants an employee that spends fifty weeks focusing on the vacation he has coming?

When I consider the Glory set before Jesus, I realize that the Easter celebration was not about the benefits I reap; it is about the glory of God. How fitting if I, with a grateful heart, respond to the resurrection by living to the greatest possible fruition for Him.

It is way too easy to live in a self-involved bubble when pain is a constant element in our lives. The real victory comes when we, by grace, can harness our unpleasant circumstances to yield a worthy offering to Him. That would be a living sacrifice we could feel good about on the last day. It will be a deeper reason to say “Rejoice! He lives!”

Prayer: Lord, You gave Your life and took our sin upon You so that we can live with an attitude each day of hope! How often I forget that the days on the calendar should have no bearing on my attitude. Help me remember that I can and should celebrate Your resurrection all year round. Amen.

About the author:
Elizabeth Vendley is the wife David, and lives in North Central Michigan. They have raised seven children. Elizabeth has lived with severe Interstitial Cystitis since 1996. Her passion is glorifying the Lord by writing out the lessons He has taught her. She would love to hear from readers through the Sunroom.

Now that Easter has passed, do you find yourself going back to the normal attitude about life? How can you keep an Easter attitude alive in your day-to-day life that isn’t dependent on the calendar?

Have you considered what an attitude change can do? This is a sweet video that shows how by changing words, changing our perspective, the outcome can be very different. Remember, God can change your life without a single change in your circumstances–He can change your heart. -Lisa