How Can We Model Christ As a Servant When We are Hurting?

This Easter, as you consider how you can be serve others and have a servant heart, Julie reminds us Christ did it even though He was in deep pain.

“He went away a second time and prayed, “My father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done.” (Matthew 26: 42)

This year when thinking of the last days of Christ on this earth I thought about one of His last acts as a servant (King). He washed His disciples’ feet. He washed their feet all the while knowing that He would be going to face His most tormenting time on this earth.

Jesus had warned His disciples about what was to come and He had explained to them many times what was going to happen; yet it seemed they were oblivious to His warnings as if they either didn’t want to listen or misunderstood what He was really telling them.

No matter how they responded, Jesus still served them, loved on them, and cared for them as was evident when He washed their feet in one of His last acts of love toward them. Christ knew that God was looking after the details in His life and He was here to serve until His time on earth was over.

There are times in our life when all we want is for someone to care about us, what we are going through, what we are facing. We don’t necessarily want pity but we want people to notice the pain and the struggle we face so that they understand why we are the way we are. It is not easy to put aside our own struggle and focus on loving and caring for others when it seems that our needs are being overlooked.

This Easter let us all reflect on what it means to be a servant; to put aside our own pain and the nightmare we face and focus on those around us; just as Christ modeled for us. Christ will provide the care and necessary love we need in ways that we can never imagine if we leave our struggles in His hands.

Prayer: Lord when all I want is to be noticed and loved on because of my pain let me look to you alone to supply my need and use the pain I have endured to help me better serve others in ways only you can use for the greater good. Amen.

About the author:
Julie Munro is a single woman whose struggle through chronic illness has caused her to lean ever more on the loving arms of her Abba Father.

When you consider what it means to be a servant, do you think of the person doing the servant as being healthy and capable, or can a servant be fully dependable on God for strength?

This is the Easter song, “He Lives” and it has a video at the beginning following the crucifixion. It is a hard video to watch, but to truly even try to grasp the price Christ paid for our sins, we should be able to watch and remember His sacrifice. Bless you, Lisa


One thought on “How Can We Model Christ As a Servant When We are Hurting?

  1. As I was anxious and upset about having to go pick up my elderly mother when I feel so horrible this morning, this was exactly what I needed to read to refocus my day and remember who I am serving this Easter weekend. God Bless. We are beloved children of our risen Lord!

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