Is There Sand In Your Well? Illness and Disappointments

When you live with chronic illness it is easy for our hopes to get dashed. Karlton shares how your well may be getting the sand tossed in there.

“So they destroyed all the wells that Isaac’s father Abraham and his servants had dug many years before. They filled them with sand.” (Genesis 26:15, ERV)

Poor Isaac. God is supposed to be on his side, but everywhere he goes he is made unwelcome, and people keep stealing his wells and filling them with sand.

Sometimes I feel like Isaac. I know God is with me, but something keeps stopping up my well with sand. Financial challenges increase, health problems increase, and inter-personal relationships become problematic. Just when I think my well is dug and filling with water, something comes along to stop the flow of God’s blessings and resets my well of optimism to one of disappointment.

It is tough to be on the brink of blessings and then get slammed by disappointments. We can sometimes feel victory in our grasp but then disappointment comes along to stop up the well of blessing we foresaw. I don’t know about you, but it truly angers me to see victory snatched out of my hand, to find blessings within my grasp, and just like Isaac going to drink from his newly dug well, instead of blessed water finding only dry sand.

Chronic disappointment can sap our hope and our will to keep fighting. I can imagine Isaac throwing his hands up to the heavens and asking the Lord “Why? Why do you let all my hard work, my hope for life-giving water, why do you let my wells get filled with sand by my enemy?”

Our enemy comes in different guises. Sometimes our enemy is affliction itself, but often it is the difficulties that surround affliction, such as strife with family members or friends. Our enemy may be the added financial hardship because of our inability to work or added health care costs. Whatever the guise our enemy takes, we know how it feels when our freshly dug well of hope is dashed by the sand of disappointment.

Fellow sufferer on the path of affliction, I know what it is to have hopes dashed, and to merely want fresh hope and strength, yet only finding sand flung in your face. It is not easy to deal with disappointment in the best of times, much less so in the land of affliction. We need the refreshing water of hope fulfilled.
But I would encourage you with this word, Isaac’s enemies made peace with him, he found a well that was not taken from him, and he drank its life-giving water. I encourage you to go to the well of the Spirit of God, ask for your hopes to be fulfilled, and drink from that eternal well that can quench your thirst even in a dry and thirsty land.

Prayer: Dear Lord, give us the water of the Spirit, refresh us, fulfill our hopes, renew a sense of optimism for the future in our hearts and minds. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. His hope is that the Lord will fill him with hope and optimism, even when the well of his affliction has sand in it.

Do you feel like the desert of affliction has sapped your hopes? Will you turn to Jesus for truly life-giving water?

As I read Karlton’s devotional it reminded me of a cute video of some ducks and their mother getting blown around. Take a minute to watch the ducklings–and see how calm they remain, especially at the end of the video. -Lisa

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