Love Covers

What does it mean to say “Love covers.” So very, very much. Karlton explains.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8)

How do you make it? How can anyone with a serious illness survive in a cruel world, especially the cruel world of affliction?

How can a couple stay together when one of the partners is seriously ill, putting a constant strain and drain on a marriage? There is only one answer, the word is love. Love covers our frustrations, it covers our impatience, and anger and disappointment. Nothing else can cover the multitude of hardships and challenges and terrible moments of affliction.

Sometimes you are angry, at other times it is your spouse, your child, or your parent. Affliction and its frustrations affect everyone in the household. There is no escaping the daily strain of illness and the webs of irritations that it spreads throughout a home and its occupants. It is just like that scripture that says: When one part of the body is in pain, the whole body suffers (1 Corinthians 12:26).

And so it is with a home affected by affliction.

If not for love. . .

I bet you can finish that sentence. If not for love. . . we could not forgive each other. If not for love. . . we could not accept each other. Indeed, we could not even tolerate each other.

Love covers.

That is probably the best sentence I ever wrote: Love covers. Love has covered my home, healed my home, kept relationships from falling apart. Even in a home without affliction, it will never hold fast, never stay together without the covering power of love, much less a home with the added burden of affliction.

The Christian religion boils down to one word: Love. Without love the Christian religion would become a mean, harsh, intolerant mess, because the true faith of Christianity begins with a God of love creating, and ends with a God of love dying to save His creation. It is a circular miracle of love. It is driven by love, held together by love, uplifted by a loving Savior on a cross. Because of His love, we live, and our faith is empowered by love.

The religions and beliefs of cultures vary, some look for enlightenment, some for an altered state of consciousness, some for virtue or knowledge. But the Christian religion is a religion born of, and built upon love. When we love we are at our best, and we are best representing our faith when motivated by, and acting upon love.

Christian, you may be one of those “blessed” by affliction. Your life may be one continuous challenge. I cannot promise you it will get easier, I can only tell you that to survive affliction you will need love, a love that is born of God, and only by and through God’s love can you survive and even thrive in the land of your affliction.

Prayer: Dear Lord, let Your love live in us, and through Your grace help us to live a life filled with love. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is grateful for God’s love, a love that covers all things.

Have you lived without love? Have you considered how much better your life is with love?

Jesus loves you. I know, you have heard it before. But click on this video and sit back and hear the faith of a child remind you just how much He really does. -Lisa