Don’t Worry! Easy to Say, Harder to Do. . . Unless We Have Help

Do you get stuck in worry? It’s hard to take the simple advice of “don’t worry” when you feel your problems are so big. Dorothea reminds us where to place that worry so we can have the joy in life God intends.

“Do not fret—it leads only to evil.” (Psalm 37:8b)

Is it because I often hear, “don’t worry,” or “give it to God,” or “cast your cares. . .” that these sentiments come across as trite? Maybe it’s because the person saying it to me doesn’t pause long enough for me to respond. They launch into their lecture based on their perception of my situation without having all the facts. I know they mean well, but it can leave me frustrated. Where is the comfort I seek for my hurting heart?

After all that God has seen me through, I know that He is faithful. I know that He is my source of strength, but sometimes I need the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit to penetrate the anxious thoughts and feelings that keep bubbling up inside of me. I need a touch from the Father to cause me to remember His goodness.

When our lives are filled with uncertainty and combined with medical upheavals, the everyday pressures of life can verily easily trample our faith–hitting us so suddenly that our first instinct is to worry, to ask, “What if?”

I love the Lord so much because He understands that my faith is sometimes crushed beneath the cares of life. However, no matter how often I stumble, how often I have to ask God to help me believe Him and to help me hold on to His promises, He is faithful to me. He meets me where I am and gently guides me back to a place of strength, determination, and trust.

I’m so glad I serve a Savior who understands our human nature and who knows that even in our darkest moments, we truly desire to trust Him.

So, even though the above phrases are meant to pacify us, God makes them true when we learn to give Him all the cares that cloud our hearts and minds. His peace becomes our peace. We can be confident that even though troubling times will come, God will guide us and protect us as we turn to Him for the peace that only He can provide.

Prayer: Father, thank You for Your faithfulness. Help us to trust You no matter what our circumstances look like. Amen.

About the author:
Dorothea Love lives in California with her family. She has lived with various chronic illnesses and pain for over 20 years. She relies on God’s grace to strengthen and encourage her each day. She may be reached at or you may visit her in the Sunroom at:

What trying situation has God revealed Himself to you in such a way that your faith was strengthened? Would you consider sharing that testimony with someone who is struggling to trust God?

Sometimes it is hard not to worry. This tune “Don’t Worry” by Rebecca St. James is an upbeat tune that I can imagine myself blasting in my car and singing along to during the drive home from some of those appointments when the worry wants to take over. -Lisa

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