Living Without Fear Of The Future

Can fear of the future take over your life and cause you to forget that God will take care of each of us? Karlton explains why we don’t need to be a top “prepper.”

“But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.'” (Luke 2:10)

In the past month I have spoken with two preppers on two different occasions. My understanding is that preppers are people who are preparing for the end. They are people who are storing away guns, food, water, anything they believe essential for survival when civilization ends due to financial collapse, government collapse–whatever it takes to end the world as we know it.

I think there are those with afflictions and disabilities who live with a similar mindset: dreading the future, expecting the worst, living in a state of fear and gloom about their future. I don’t think such attitudes are healthy, and I think such attitudes rob us of the hope and possibilities that the future can bring.

As Christians we have no need to have fear of the future. If the worst thing that happens to us is that we die, well, that’s no so bad–to go on and be with the Lord is what we have claimed we were living for in the first place. We may suffer terrible things in the here-and-now, and the days ahead could bring us trouble, but by the way some Christians act, you would think they are orphans alone on the earth with an absentee heavenly Father.

We are neither alone nor orphaned, and even if we suffer, we have someone helping us through the hard days and nights.

Doom and gloom is much overrated. News networks thrive on it, doomsday prophecies and prophets make money and gather followings of their dire predictions. The world has been predicted to end multiple times in every generation. Yet God is still on His throne, Christians live and die, love and comfort one another.

The Lord gets us through good days and bad. There is much more to life than living in dread fear of the future.

Some of us have been close to death, and it is an eye opening experience. You find yourself unwilling to waste time huddled in your basement surrounded by weapons fearing the knock at the door.
No, you want to live each and every moment God has given you to the fullest. You want to spend time with friends and family, make the most of every second of your life. Life is precious to you, and you are not about to live it in fear.

Every day when we rise out of bed could be our last day on earth, and we have a choice each day, especially those of us living with affliction. We can bewail our circumstances and live in dread and fear, or we can love, show kindness to others, and offer others compassion despite our pain and suffering. In other words, we can be “Jesus” to a fearful and unbelieving world.

It does not surprise me that the angels shouted out that the shepherds need not fear. Humans are all too prone to fear. Yet because Christ is here, we need not fear. Let me say that one more time: Because Christ Is Here, We Need Not Fear!

Prayer: Dear Lord, forgive us our fearfulness, forgive us our doubt and fear. Remind us that we neither live nor die alone, we do not suffer alone, for You are with us, and because of this we need not fear the future. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He hopes to never while away his days in fear of the future.

Do thoughts about the future cause you dread and fear? Have you considered that the Lord has control of the future?

When we worry, we must recenter those thoughts into Jesus’ promises that He will take care of us. In this videoJaci Velasquez sings, “I Will Rest in You.” -Lisa

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