We Are the Apple of God’s Eye

Do you know how precious you are? Bronlynn reminds us that we’re the apple of God’s eye.

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings (Psalm 17:8).

I love apples–the taste, smell, and feel of them. Although I eat them year round, I especially connect them with late summer and early fall because of various apple-related events here in Virginia.

What does it mean to be the apple of God’s eye? A few possible meanings are to be cherished above all others, to be very dear to someone, or to be the focus of someone (since the pupil is the center of the eye and focuses on objects). It means we are very special and precious to God.

Many times I feel that to be true, but other times my pain and trials cause me to doubt. It is interesting to note the contexts in which God says we are the apple of His eye.

In Zechariah 2:8, Israel had been plundered by enemies because of their faithlessness, yet God said He would be merciful to them and rebuild them (Zechariah 1:17). They were “His most precious possession” (New Living Translation).

In Deuteronomy 32:10, Moses was recounting Israel’s wilderness wanderings because of their faithlessness, yet God found them in their barren and howling waste and cared for them. In Psalm 17:8, David believed He was the apple of God’s eye despite his life-threatening experiences not only with pagans but Israelites as well (King Saul).

Being precious and greatly loved by God may not keep us from unpleasant, difficult, or even dangerous circumstances. But regardless of how our lives and struggles appear to us, we must keep believing in faith that God’s loving and watchful focus is always on us, working out His perfect plan for us.

The next time I bite into an apple, not only can I thank God that I am the apple of His eye, but also pray that I will maintain faith in Him and His commands as the apple of my eye (Proverbs 7:2). Then I will enjoy physical fruit as well as spiritual fruit!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, how comforting it is to know that I am so precious to You. May my earthly sufferings not cause me to doubt this wonderful truth. Amen.

About the author:
Bronlynn Spindler lives in VA and is blessed to have the support and encouragement of a wonderful husband and three grown daughters. God’s grace and strength have brought her through thyroid cancer and continue to sustain her through ongoing back pain, depression, headaches, multiple sensitivities, eye pain, and fibromyalgia. You may view her blog of devotionals at http://www.aplaceofsprings57.blogspot.com.

Do you have trouble believing you are the apple of God’s eye? In what specific ways can You see His loving care and focus on you through your sufferings?

You are the apple of God’s eye. You are precious to Him. This 3-minute video is one woman sharing (with photos) just how precious you are to the Lord! We all need to hear this–daily, I think. –Lisa

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