A Personal Note From Lisa

This is my patio where I have my prayer time in the morning.Wish you were sitting here with me to have a cup of iced coffee.

Good morning!

This is a note from Lisa. I have been out of town for 2 weeks. My husband and son and I drove from San Diego to Eugene, over 1000 miles, and we took 3 days getting there and 3 days back. We got home last night. I had hoped to be able to pre-post devotionals for the last couple of days, but had computer issues on the road, and I am sitting here tonight just exhausted. I have devotions our writers have sent me, but I don’t have the brain-power to code them for the web site tonight.

So instead, I thought I would ask you for your precious prayers today. I know I am very blessed, and so I sometimes hesitate to ever make it sound like I am complaining, but I do know that I will need prayer in the next month.

Here are some things going on in my life that I would love to have covered in prayer.

My pain level.
It is doing pretty well and after a year of being “stuck” at 10 mg of prednisone, I have gone down to 8 mg. But I am still hurting and adjusting and my goal is 5. Being on less prednisone will help me be, overall, more healthy, as it has caused many issues over the years like cataracts, osteoporosis, and slow healing of infections. I am also beginning physical therapy soon on my shoulders following the recent 9 visits I had on my knees. My rotator cuff joints continue to slip out of place which takes away 1-3 days a week when it happens. Not fun.

My family.
My mom, who lives with diabetes, became very ill for our entire visit, dealing with dehydration, a foot infection, cellulitis, and then gout. She is doing better, but still has a long way to go. Also for my husband and son. My son begins school on Wednesday–4th grade! I think we are all ready for classes to start but it is a time of adjustment and he does have some “special needs” for lack of a better word, and we are praying for the right teacher.

National Invisible Illness Awareness Week.
This is Sept 10-14 and I am the gal behind it. Thousands of people are blogging, tweeting, reading, sharing, you name it. I ask for prayer that God will bless the masses and for a prayer of protection around all the logistics, such as my health, my computer’s health, my family, etc. Satan tends to attack any area he can get to, to destroy this week. I experience it every year, so keep it all in prayer.

Catching up on Rest Ministries stuff.
Despite my efforts to keep up, I have tons of emails to answer and lots to do. For safety reasons I didn’t tell many people I was gone, so I am trying to speed through what I can to let people know I have received their emails and will reply soon.

Like you, when I look at my life, I could make a long list of every quirk, irritation, praise, and need, but I know God knows what they all are and is hearing your prayer. Today, I am so very blessed to get to spend the day with my son’s birth-mom, and bonus brother and grandparents. They are all coming for a BBQ. And even though my mom was sick last week while we visited, my son had play dates with a cousin, which he loved, and who he rarely gets to see.

We must never assume we know the “best” way in life. We have such good plans, don’t we? But when I see my son so excited to see his brother and I feel the blessings of this amazing (and unexpected) family, the memories we made on our trip of being stuck on the mountain with a flat tire and no cell service (story soon to come), I see He is always–always–in control and knows what is best. When I look at the joys in my life, my husband, my son, Rest Ministries, none would have come about had God answered the first prayers I had. Like having a baby, a healthy body, or a career. I would have never known the joys of adoption, illness, and ministry.

What ways has God blessed you –what joys has He given–that you would have never known if He had answered all of your first prayers and you never knew suffering?

Thank you for your prayers,

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder