God Wants to Take Our Griefs In His Hands

in his handsGrief is such an easy thing to hang onto, but what happens when we truly place it in His hands?

“But You, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; You consider their grief and take it in hand.” (Psalm 10:14)

Each day we wake up we have a choice to place it all in His hands. I have recently decided to try to start tapering down the prednisone again while I have the benefits of another medication in my system. I have been stuck at 10 mg for over a year, and my goal is to get to 5 some day. So yesterday I took 9 mg. Today, I took 10, but tomorrow, I will be back at 9, until by the end of the week I can hopefully claim that slot of 9 mg.

Other than the fatigue of losing about half my energy, my hands hurt. They hurt badly. They ache and flare up and the fact that they even exist makes them have every kind of stabbing pain to dull aches, to sharp twists. Even trying to hit the button to turn pages on my Kindle e-reader was almost more than I could handle last night. Or holding my electric toothbrush.

This morning, however, I saw this verse about God taking my grief in His hand. And I could imagine His hands holding my sore hands. All our problems, all our griefs, can be placed in His hands. And as the classic song tells us, “He has the whole world in His hands.” I imagine my hands, in His hands, as He cradles them.

I don’t know what part of your body may be hurting today. Perhaps it is not even the physical pain, however, that is frustrating you. Maybe it is the grief of the losses you have experienced, the emotional aches of lost relationships, the things you can no longer do, the places you can’t visit. Maybe you are just missing the person you used to be.

I know how hard it can be grieve those losses. But you can place all those griefs into your hands and then reach out and place them in His hands–hand them over. Let God gently reach out to your hands and encompass them with His own, absorbing them.

Prayer: Lord, help me place my burdens, my grief, and all of my losses into Your hands. Scripture tells me you consider my grief and take it into Your hands. Take it, Lord. I want You to have it so You can comfort me. amen.

About the author:
Lisa Copen is the founder of Rest Ministries and she lives in San Diego with her husband and son. She is gradually learning how to balance motherhood, family, illness, and ministry, but she still knows it will be a lifetime lesson. You can see the books she has written, including, Why Can’t I Make People Understand? at the Rest Ministries shop.

When was the last time you placed something in His hands? Do you pick and choose what things you place in His hands, and hold n to other griefs? When you visually imagine placing your losses into His hands, how do you feel?

Need a reminder about how God has it all in His hands? Here is a video clip of He Has The Whole World In His Hands. There are some professional singers out there that sing this, but there is something special about watching a youngster sing it with her whole heart. Can’t see the video? If you are reading this in your email click the title to go to the website to watch the video.