Sleepless Nights And Weary Days, Finding The Lord’s Help

sleepless nightsIt’s likely your illness has caused many sleepless nights. Karlton shares how he copes with the fatigue and frustration.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:27-29)

I don’t always get a good night’s rest. I can imagine that I’m not alone in my sleepless nights. Afflictions of various kinds can rob us of sleep due to pain, stress, and all sorts of issues. Many of the afflicted know what it is to be weary on top of their everyday challenges.

There have been long strings of nights when I got very little sleep. This adds such a burden to an already weary body, it adds to my irritability, lowers my stress threshold, increases my challenge of just getting through the day. I know what it is to be weary and in need of the Lord’s rest.

I have wondered what the Lord meant when He said that He would give rest to the weary. In the big picture of things it is easy to comprehend that the Lord will give us peace and rest in the end, when our lives on this earth are through. But I suspect the Lord also meant He would help us in the here and now, with our day to day fatigue.

It is today that we need strength and rest for our weariness, today is the day that we struggle and suffer with affliction. I believe it is faith and hope and trust that comforts us and gives us the strength to continue when we are “running on empty,” when we have no strength left.

On my worst string of days when I can find little rest, it has been the hope and comfort of the Lord that assured me and helped me to put one foot in front of another to keep moving forward. When I have no strength I find that somehow I’m able to keep moving ahead, and to still stand when there are not only no reserves left but I’m “out of gas,” when there is no fuel in my tank to propel me forward.

It is not our strength and abilities that matter most, but His ability and our confidence in Him that can carry us when we cannot carry ourselves. Avoiding frustration and irritation on our restless days can seem impossible, and endless days without much sleep can be terribly challenging, but there is a peace and a rest that goes beyond the hours of sleep we can add up and the number of tiresome days we can count up. There is a peace that goes beyond understanding and circumstances and a rest that comes even when sleep does not come. We can find peace and rest in the Lord even after many sleepless nights, in our weariest hour.

You have my sympathy and understanding if you are finding yourself with sleepless nights and weary days. I’ve been there many times. But I encourage you to look beyond your bloodshot eyes and into the eyes of the Lord, look to Him for rest and peace that is profoundly beyond your weary circumstances.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we often have sleepless nights and weary days, please give us rest and peace in Your loving arms. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. The Lord has helped him through many sleepless nights and weary days.

Do you suffer from sleepless nights and weary days? Have you asked the Lord to give you comfort and rest?

Okay, this video is about as cute as can be as you see a mom singing a lullaby to her toddler (who preciously sings along.) Imagine God holding you tight and singing to you like this when you can’t sleep. Can’t see the video? If you are receiving this by email, the video will not show up. Just click the link of the TITLE of the POST and it will take you directly to our web site so you can watch it there.