God’s Love: You Are So Beautiful To Me

How does the song, “You Are So Beautiful to Me” remind you of God’s love? One writer shares how this song has helped her see God’s unconditional love.

you are so beautiful to me joe cocker

“For by one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” (Hebrews 10:14)

Several of my lovely readers have pointed something out in regard to a devotional I wrote for Rest Ministries recently, . I told of my own experience with the Joe Cocker song, “You Are So Beautiful.” It is a song I use at the end of my daily devotional times. I imagine singing it to God. He is so beautiful to me.

These readers read between my lines and somehow knew that while I am singing to my God, You are so beautiful to me, He is singing the words right back to me, saying, “you are so beautiful to Me!”

Those words are not easy to come by for someone who has never felt “good enough.” To hear that I am “everything He hopes for” and “everything He needs” fills my heart with so much joy.

I am beginning to believe those words. It has taken many, many repetitions of that song for it to really start to see this is Christ’s view of me. . . me! . . . as beautiful. And I truly believe that is how He sees each and every one of us who loves us.

As I wrote back to a reader, “You Are So Beautiful to Me” becomes a lovely duet of love.

It is something the world cannot take away from me, because it lives within my heart. As I sit here, listening to the song (I have it on repeat), I feel so loved. It doesn’t matter that my body has changed so dramatically. It doesn’t matter that I can’t do the things I used to.

In His eyes, I am perfect the way I am. He sees through everything and gazes on my heart full of love for Him.

My dear, dear readers, I pray you walk in that love today. You are so beautiful to Him. You are everything He hoped for. You are everything He needs. You are just as you should be, in His eyes.

He is wooing each and everyone of us. He hopes for and needs each one of us. I pray you hear His love song today.

Prayer: Father God, All I can say through tears of joy is “Thank You.” Thank You for the enormity of Your never-ending love. You are so beautiful to me. Amen and amen.

About the author:
deni believes that the only true way to deal with chronic challenges is to bring them to the feet of her Lord and Savior. Her challenges have taught her many things about herself and her Christian walk. It is her fondest desire that her lessons may be helpful to others as they walk the path of chronic illness. Her website is http://www.todaysencouragingwordonline.com . deni can be reached at encouragingwords@me.com or through her website. She loves to hear how God is working in the lives of her fellow life travelers.

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Are you able to see yourself as God sees you–even in illness and pain? Are you able to believe that, in spite of what the world might see and say, that you are so very beautifully to God Himself? How would telling God “You are so beautiful to me?” remind you of just how beautiful you are to Him?

Do you need to hear this song today? Here is a touching video of You Are So Beautiful to Me by Joe Cocker. If you cannot see the video in an email, click on the title of the devotional to be taken to the web site to see it.