God’s Love Will Never Fail Us, No Matter Our Weaknesses

“But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.” (Psalm 52:8)

When my daughter was a little girl I told her: “No matter what you do I will never stop loving you.” I take comfort in the fact that God’s love far exceeds my own, my ability to love my child comes from God, for God is love. And no matter how much I love my child, God’s love is infinitely greater than my love.

We all fail each other and ourselves in numerous ways. Because we are weak and frail human beings, subject to human passions and faults, and living in bodies affected by sickness and disease, affected by human weakness, we fail to live up to God’s standards, and sometimes leave each other disappointed.

I find that it helps me to allow for the shortcomings of others by reminding myself that I sometimes fail God and others. I sometimes fail to live up to my own standards, my own hopes and expectations. We will all fall flat on our faces sometimes and we should not be shocked and awed by the fact others will at times disappoint us as well.

If we allow room for the failings of others we will save ourselves much frustration and disappointment. And if we allow space for the weakness in others, we may find them more willing to accept our own shortcomings.

Those of us with disabilities and continual health issues correctly expect a bit of leeway from others when it comes to our afflictions. I think this can make us more sympathetic to all sorts of shortcomings from those around us. We, better than most people, know how easy it is to come up short in life, to fail to accomplish everything we want to accomplish.

When others fail to meet our expectations, we ought to give them space for their shortcomings since we expect the same from them.

What a comfort it is that God is patient with us, and how encouraging that God’s love is unfailing. He is our guide in relating to others. Because He loves us so much, and overlooks our many faults, we can make room in our hearts to love others and forgive them their faults.

Just as we are likely to disappoint the expectations of others because of our afflictions, we must make an effort and make allowance for others and their various weaknesses. Sometimes they will disappoint us with moral failings. We understand better than most “the weakness of the flesh” as the Bible says.

Our weakness may not be sin related, but we know how well circumstances and surroundings can affect one’s actions and abilities. Our capacity and understanding for human failings should be huge because of our experience with affliction.

The love and grace of God upholds us in affliction. God’s love and mercy, His compassion and kindness can be a great comfort to us in affliction. We are sobered by just how weak the human body can be, and just how much it fails us, and yet because of our experiences in affliction we can express love and compassion that is born out of affliction and our experiences with suffering. Of course we could let our experiences make us bitter and hard in our hearts, but the better path is to learn from our difficulties and let our challenges soften and teach rather than harden and embitter us.

Take comfort in the fact that God’s love for you is unfailing. Know that no matter how much you fall short in life, God is not willing to give up on you. And as you face your challenges and difficulties, be willing make room for the shortcomings of others, we are all imperfect beings, and we share the imperfections of humanity.

Prayer: Dear Lord, be patient with us and help us to be patient with others. Forgive us our weaknesses and failings, and help us to forgive others as well. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is author of the book “Chronic Illness” available in the Amazon Kindle store.

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Are you grateful for the fact that God loves you no matter what you do? Are you willing to love others no matter their shortcomings?